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Thread: Any Mermaids or Mermen in New York City?

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    Any Mermaids or Mermen in New York City?

    Hello all my merfriends!

    I am looking for a MERMAID or a MERMAN with a realistic tail who can come to a sponsored rooftop pool event in New York City. This would be extremely great publicity for a mermaid/merman on the rise. The event is geared towards sustainability and consciously conserving the Earth. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated and much obliged.

    If anyone has any information please contact me at

    Again thanks for the help in advanced!


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    Hey johnathan you got one right here but unfortunately my tail is Out of comission for the time being.. when is this event?

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    I sent you an email

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    I'm upstate NY...but I could probbaly travel depending on what all the details me if you want.

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