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Thread: Archive: "Finis Tempo - swimming technique?" (Straps Slipping Off)

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    Archive: "Finis Tempo - swimming technique?" (Straps Slipping Off)


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    12/14/10 15:25:49
    Hey guys, quick question for those who own Finis Tempos... do you ever have the problem of the straps in the back falling off while swimming? I've been trying to mod mine with velcro straps so that they stay in place but it gets harder to put on and still slips a little. Anyone else have this problem or just me (and I'm doing it wrong)? I've big-ish feet by the way size 8 (so the tempo should fit me...).


    AkatsukiSky #1

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    12/14/10 18:42:29
    Well, I have the Wave, it is a bit too small, and still slips off sometimes. So either it is normal, or I am also bad at swimming with it :P

    Looking at the strap system though, I'm pretty sure it is an inevitable thing :\

    gypsymer #2

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    12/14/10 20:28:16
    I think it's the crappy straps. I have the wave and I swam in it for the first time the other day. If you have dive booties and they fit inside the pockets they usually have a nice ledge the strap rests on and cannot fall off of. My feet are almost too wide for my wave so I definitely cannot fit my booties in there. I'm looking into replacement straps so I don't have to constantly adjust my straps and curl my toes, there's enough strain on my feet just swimming. Perhaps this will help the problem!

    MermaidCalliope #3

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    12/14/10 23:42:20
    Am I the biggest-footed maid on the forum?! I'm ringing in at 9 1/2 - 10... making me a required Rapid user v_v

    Capt Nemo #4

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    12/14/10 23:55:51
    Are you tripping the hook off? It's a supposed safety release. It doesn't take much to pop it off. I popped my Rapid off by hitting it on a rock.

    gypsymer #5

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    12/15/10 05:49:18

    I'm not popping mine off, they slip off my heels. Maybe we have small heels? I dunno. My straps also loosen themselves so....

    SeaSparkles #6

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    12/15/10 12:52:58
    Yeah, for me the straps just don't stay on even though the hook is in place. I've added velcro straps across the ankles to help them stay on but it doesn't help that much. I was just wondering if it was the way I was swimming of the fins themselves since the videos they have for demos never seem to have them slip off.

    gypsymer #7

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    12/15/10 12:57:33
    I highly doubt it's the way you're swimming in it. I think it's the crappy straps. After I get my paycheck on Friday I'm headed to a dive shop to get wetsuit cement and new straps. Hopefully they'll have something that can fit!

    Capt Nemo #8

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    12/15/10 16:40:46
    You could possibly mod some spring straps to fit, and they won't crack and break like the rubber.

    Or look for some keeper bands that they use in UW hockey.

    SeaSparkles #9

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    12/15/10 16:58:25
    Oh hey, good idea. Maybe I'll try that. Thanks guys!

    gypsymer #10

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    12/15/10 22:52:44

    I also saw neoprene socks on a website the other day, though not sure if that would help or make it worse or the same.

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    SeaSparkles #11

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    12/15/10 23:07:57

    Oh yeah, I have those, but they came included with my big monofins... I'll have to try those too and see what works better.

    Capt Nemo #12

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    12/16/10 05:45:57
    For my Rapid I bought 1-1.5mm booties, and other than the hook releasing from a hit, I haven't had problems.

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