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Thread: Changing Usernames

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    Senior Member Pod of Oceania Mermaid Bella's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Melbourne, Victoria
    ohhh didn't spot this thread. can I please change my user name to 'Mermaid Bella'? thank you so much <3<3

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    Can I have my username be MermaidAvalon so could you please change it to that
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    I'd like to change my name to "Mermaid Petronella" please

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    For some reason I'm still getting email alerts for this thread even though I unsubscribed... O_o
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    Senior Member Undisclosed Pod MerAnthony's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    Dunn, NC
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    Winged could I have my name changed to ( MerAnthony) please?

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    I would like my name changed to Delilah, Saphira is strictly for my pirate persona now.

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    I want to change my username to "Mermaid Petronella"

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    Junior Member North Pacific Pod MerKat's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    Seattle area
    Could I please get my name changed to MerKat? Did not realize I could not change it myself after signing up. Thank you!

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    May I change my name to Mermaid Photine? I've finally settled on my mer name.

    Edit: Yay! Thank you so much!
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    I would like to change my username from merana to Mermaid Azira please.

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    Would you please change my username to Mermaid Allie? Thank you!

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    hey! can i have my name changed from Mermaid Brianna to Mermaid Annariea please?

    it looks like theres A LOT of mers waiting on a name change. i wonder why??
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    I would like to have my name changed to Mermaid Margarete, if that is available
    Thanks! ^^
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    Administrator Pod of Cali malinghi's Avatar
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    Sorry for the delay. I just updated all of your names. Please add a note in your signatures that says "Previously known as <yourname>" for at least two weeks.

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    ​formerly Mermaid Brianna

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    Can I please change my usernamer to NatalieMermaid
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    I'd like to change my username from MermaidChloe to ChaeJin~ thank you ^^

    Quote Originally Posted by Winged Mermaid View Post
    Currently Admins are offering one username change per user. This is mainly to allow members to find their "mermaid name" after they have already joined the site, although you do not have to use your one username change for that particular reason.

    You can not change your name to a user's past username unless it is approved with that user. For example, if "Lextran" has their username changed to "Mermaid Alena", another user can not change their name to "Lextran" without permission from "Mermaid Alena". Also obvious fraudulent name changes will not be allowed. For example, if you want your name changed to "MeduSirena" and you're clearly not MeduSirena the request will be denied.

    Also the user must post "Formerly insert past username here." into their signature and/or profile for a certian amount of time, depending on how long they have had their former username on the forum. A user only around a few days may only need a few days, a user around for months may need a few weeks. The time needed to have this statement public will be given to you in a comment or PM reply to your request along with verification that your name is changed.

    Please comment below or PM one of the Admins for your username change request.

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    Senior Member Pod of Oceania Mermaid Miel's Avatar
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    Adelaide, South Australia

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    Would you please change me name to Mermaid Miel? Thanks!

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    Senior Member Undisclosed Pod Mermaid Melanie's Avatar
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    Phuket Thailand
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    I would like to change my username to Mermaid Melanie !
    Thanks x
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