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Thread: The "I just had a photo shoot!"/sharing photoshoots thread!

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    Cool The "I just had a photo shoot!"/sharing photoshoots thread!

    The "I just had a photo shoot!"/sharing photoshoots thread!

    We all love taking pictures of ourselves or others in-tail, and we all love sharing with others and seeing others share their photos! There's also that "I just had a photo shoot!" excitement where you want to share your new pics with everyone! This is the place! Just in time for the summer mer photo craze!

    Please post no more than 5 medium-largish images per post, preferably no more than 10 per shoot!
    Link as many as you want, or use as many thumbnails as you'd like if your photo host provides BB coding for such.

    Also a great alternative for sharing whole shoots is uploading to a photo host (such as Photobucket) and sharing the link for the whole album. Make sure to check your security on the album so everyone can see!

    A great photo option that Facebook has is that if you go to the actual album and scroll down to the bottom, it will say, "Want to share your album? You can give friends or relatives this link:" and give you a URL below that. If you link or paste this to share anyone can see your album, even if they are not friends with you. They will, however, not be able to comment, like, share, ect unless they fit within your security parameters you have set for said album.This way you can share the whole album by linking! That will help save on scrolling within the pages of this thread as well as allow you to share as many pictures as you want!

    Now lets see how you guys work it in your merfolk photo shoots!

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    Already is!

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    yes post your favorite shots from your photoshoot here and OMG YAYS..

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    My first shoot in my first rubber latex tail that I made. Pics were taken in flamenco beach, Puerto RicoName:  IMG_1367s.jpg
Views: 9030
Size:  406.1 KBName:  IMG_1609.jpg
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Size:  372.5 KBName:  IMG_1421-2.jpg
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Size:  346.0 KBName:  IMG_1672.jpg
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    Love your pictures, Ilonka! You look very much at ease underwater. And that looks like a beautiful place to hold a photo shoot too.

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    looks wicked

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    So cool! I can't wait to see more.

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    Love them! You look gorgeous, Ilonka, and the tail looks amazing!
    Mermaid Jewel

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    Your tail is so pretty raina, I think my next tail will be red

    Here are more pics from my shoot
    ]Name:  IMG_1571.jpg
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Size:  314.3 KBName:  IMG_1480.jpg
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Size:  318.9 KBName:  IMG_1690.jpg
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Size:  336.2 KBName:  IMG_1459.jpg
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    And this is me after the shoot, I was super tired!
    Name:  IMG_1506.jpg
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    I think one of my favorites is your beach shot Ilonka. It just looks so casual, as if your photographer just happened to have been walking down the beach. :>
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    That's actually exactly how it was taken, it wasn't part of the shoot.XD

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    Hahaha, sweet.
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    I'll just post a link, since it wasn't a professional shoot...
    Just my hubby taking pictures of his pregnant mer-wife.
    I do much better when the photographer tells me how to position my body and everything. Some of these photos turned out great, while others didn't so much.... :/
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    All these tails are gorgeous! I just got a few pictures back from a shoot I did in April, these are my favorites.

    Name:  2.jpg
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    Name:  1.jpg
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    Name:  4.jpg
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    I LOVE the second picture!
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    I featured them all on DA lol loved them

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