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Thread: We need your help to fix the site!

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    I have a question for the admins. Lately it seems that whenever I try to post something, the site stops responding and I lose everything I just typed. It gets really frustrating to spend 15 minutes typing something out, only to have a message that says "Mernetwork has stopped responding. Recover webpage?"
    I expected to get this message last time I tried to post in a tattoo thread, so I copied the text in the box so if I had to refresh the page, I could just paste it. But when I went to do that, it hadn't copied. >,,< That's probably irrelevant to the problem, but is the crashing webpage a server thing, or is it my computer that's making mernetwork stop responding? I've run virus scans with kaspersky and come up with nothing, so my computer is clean. Any ideas? It'll probably crash when I try to post this, too.

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    I'm kinda waiting on my pod to decide on our coat of arms or for Malinghi to get tired of waiting on us so I can buy a shirt. I might like to see some more designs for shirts and things though.

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    I can help you. I just recently finished developing another site on Wordpress. It wasn't easy but thanks to I did it faster. I found a lot of interesting plugins here, which allowed me to make the site as convenient as possible.

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