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Thread: Swimming spots in Northern Illinios/Chicago area

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    Swimming spots in Northern Illinios/Chicago area

    I hope this is a good place to post this. I went to a beautiful beach in Lake Bluff last week, but ohmygosh was it expensive! ($20 for two people, yikes!)

    I'm curious to know if anyone else has any favorite spots to swim that won't cost a pectoral or dorsal fin. I'm in the Chicagoland area and don't mind a driving distance. A friend of mine and I used to go to a beach in Wis, because of the inexpensive pricing (of course, gas used to be 89 cents a gallon back then, too! ;D) I'm also, obviously, looking at mer-friendly places, doesn't matter if it is a beach or a pool.

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    As an aside, it looks like I'll be swimming in Silver Lake Wisconsin this Friday. Feel free to drop by! I'm betting I'll be the only other mer there.


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