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Thread: Any mermaids in or around Reno, NV?

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    Any mermaids in or around Reno, NV?

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    I am in Las Vegas.

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    Hey Ariel,
    I'm not in Reno, but have you been to that Reno salon that has the mermaid theme? ReVamp salon... it has a mermaid logo and mermaid posters on the walls

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    I'm in reno,I plan on taking a swim in the Marina when my monofin comes!

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    Shellow! Yes there are reno mermaids we just weren't on here and didnt really know this was a thing but we are here!

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    Not in Reno, but I'm about two hours West in California and have made some regular trips over to Reno over the years! Sometimes after a photoshoot in South Lake Tahoe my friends and I would drive to Reno for sushi at Ijji2 before heading back home. Not too far at all!
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    Same boat as Manlet! I regularly end up near Reno with friends (or at least in non-Covid times).
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