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Thread: Raina featured on deviantART (pic heavy)

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    Raina featured on deviantART (pic heavy)

    So I logged in today to find my stock image featured on deviantART's DD and front page!

    I was able to offer this piece as stock thanks to the photographers permission. I've had a stock gallery on DA for 9 years and there have been some great photo manips and drawings done through my pieces.

    Here are some of the neat images people have created using my stock! They can each all be found with their credits here:

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    Wow. You have a lot more there than I thought you would. Congrats!
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    Congrats, Raina!

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    I LOVE the movie poster! How cute is that? I wish it was real LOL! Congrats
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    That is so cool! Congratulations!
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    Thats so cool! How can you get featured for one of those?

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    the site admins pick them, they're really rare. I've been on there 9 years, I have 3 DDs on my main account, and 2 on my stock.


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