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mermaid serena

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03/05/10 22:50:15
I want to tell you about hotmermaid..
Hes a friend of mine and lives in Austria.

He make lycra tails and latex tails.
The latex one have no monofin in it , it is just great to make pics.
So I got a lycra tail from him
and it is really beautyful ;-)
You could see pics of me in his galery.


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03/06/10 09:13:52
I just wanted to post a link to the gallery you were talking about.

Your hotmermaid tail is very nice. Is that the tail you are wearing in your underwater videos on youtube?

mermaid serena

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03/06/10 10:20:20
Yes that it is..


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03/09/10 21:08:54
Hot Mermaid seems lovely as well.


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04/04/10 11:43:07
I liked your video serena! Also those mermaid pics on hotmermaid were great I like the texture of the tails.