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Thread: Archive: "Adam [Martyn] and MerYuku in the news!" (Video of order conclusion)

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    Archive: "Adam [Martyn] and MerYuku in the news!" (Video of order conclusion)

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    04/13/11 11:06:34
    This little gem aired in New Zealand thanks to some hard working mermaids who wanted to have the story heard!

    I'm so happy it aired, it's going to make it so hard for Adam to scam people! It's so cool it showed the forum and some of us- now other mers will see on TV that they have a place to go and maybe it'll get more people taken advantage of my Adam to band together!

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    04/13/11 12:03:32
    That's great about the video. Lol they made it sound like Linden was Hannah Fraser though.

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    04/13/11 16:00:08
    Yah I know they messed that part up haha

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    04/13/11 16:05:13
    Yes, an unfortunate slip up (of which, there were several - but thankfully not too many). I will be asking them to correct their mistake in that regard as it's not fair to Hannah or Linden.

    I was going to post the video with a little more detail, but Raina's beat me to the punch. I figured I would approach the show and see if there was anything they could do to help. At the moment nothing has been resolved as Adam is not responding to their attempts to get in contact. I'm hoping there will be some positive resolution. If not, well, at least I helped get the word out over on this side of the world!

    My facebook was jammed pack last night and this morning with emails. Most positive thankfully! Only a couple hate mails - most about my current weight than the "freak" stuff you'd expect. (You gotta love TV + angles adding to the matter. I examined myself in the mirror to try to find the double chin I was seeing on tv, but can't find it for the life of me! Well, unless I do the "puffer fish and scrunch up" look, but I don't recall doing that for the interview )
    Winged Mermaid

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    04/13/11 18:03:35
    I think it's so awesome that you got this out on the air Selene! I didn't expect them to get everything right- they're not aficionados like us I hope there is a positive resolution!

    There will always be haters, no way around that. Ignore it! I guess the camera does really add weight- I've seen your pics so the way you looked in the interview confused me a bit. Your face is a little round shape wise (like mine is oval), but not like that! I personally think that is overshadowed by how brave and awesome you've been about this whole ordeal.

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    04/13/11 18:18:00
    I thought it was awesome that you were able to get the word out there in such a big way Also, I liked how a bunch of other mers' pictures showed up by surprise!

    I'm with Winged Mermaid- ignore the haters. I thought you looked great on camera- your eyes are beautiful

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    04/13/11 20:21:32
    Yeah, seriously, great job Selene!

    Also, on the subject of things they got wrong, it was very odd how they kept insisting that the story was resolved with a happy ending. The fact that Adam's ability to con people had been reduced by greater awareness is good news, but he hasn't faced charges and no one has gotten their money back. While I'm glad they helped raise awareness of this, I'd still like to see the law catch up with Adam.

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    04/14/11 05:52:36
    Yeah, noticed they didn't really seem to want to focus on that. Human (Or, you know...) interest stories love a happy ending, whether or not it exists :P Wasn't there going to be a followup? Maybe they'll mention that little detail then. Other than that (and the Linden/Hannah bit, etc) thought it was pretty well done, and Selene you did great! I kind of like the incredulous "I had no idea!" vibe the presenters seemed to have. And the "Move over Vampires, here come the mermaids!" bit in the beginning...weren't we just talking about that?
    Winged Mermaid

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    04/14/11 09:52:59
    OrcaMatt wrote:
    And the "Move over Vampires, here come the mermaids!" bit in the beginning...weren't we just talking about that?
    Yeah we were --> Topic

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    04/14/11 11:34:40
    Selene you are stunning. I cant believe someone would say anything less. Im not saying that to be nice either, I thought it when I saw you on camera.

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    04/14/11 12:40:34
    Selene, That was amazing! Dont listen to any haters, I agree with nirix5 you're eyes are very beautiful. What a good way to get the warning out, more should be aware of Adam's scams. Have to admit I did giggle a bit at them calling Linden, Hannah Fraser. Awesome job in taking a stand for yourself along with all of us here

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    04/14/11 16:58:13
    Thank you all for your support and kind words!

    I'm happy to say that this segment will continue and that I'm VERY interested in what they have planned next. Unfortunately, because I want the segment to be the best it can, I'm going to be tight lipped about it until the next one airs. I've had a couple messages from people thanking me and saying they saw my original review and they chose not to purchase because of it, which is always lovely to hear that you've been able to reach and help someone.

    I wouldn't be surprised Taniwha. I think some of it is a little bit of the tall poppy syndrome-esque to be honest. Maybe we'll end up with a Kiwi pod of mermaids soon? Who knows!

    I must admit that I am not an avid fair go watcher myself I'll turn it on sometimes, but normally I'm not big on TV. I'll give this thread a bump when I know it will be on. I'm thinking not next week, but maybe the following by the sound of things

    Capt Nemo

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    04/16/11 06:54:37
    I sent them copyright clearance for the pics of Titania that were used, and also asked for a downloadable copy for myself and the model.


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    04/17/11 15:02:54
    I mentioned not to use certain pics for various reasons, your set being one of them Nemo, but I don't have any control over the editing.

    I'm going to ask them to leave photo's of members completely out of the next segment just in case they rerun everything, save from those who have been happy to be shown for a split second and others who have requested it.

    I mean this in the best way and with respect, but they have bigger things to deal with than obtaining permission for photo's that are posted online in a public forum. I'm certainly not the only story they're working on and generally everything is rushed in TV. I'm a firm believer in copyright and image permission, but I'm doubtful whether they went through the legal channels to show the clips of TLM and Splash, and due to the very fast turn around time, I can't blame them for not sending out a polite "hey, mind if we use your image?" to various people since here, the photos are public domain.


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    04/25/11 09:56:56
    it didn't bother me, everyone was like, "hey you're international now! Too bad it's cus of a crazy tail maker!" lol It was so funny to see it for all of 2 seconds. haha


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    05/20/11 19:12:01
    I haven't had any responses to my emails. I'm not sure whether they followed through with what they said they were going to or not (so lips zipped still). I'm hoping something eventuates.


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    06/14/11 19:31:08 his brother even admits he's a scammer


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    06/15/11 20:48:34
    Executive Summary: "Yeah he does this a lot..........but you should have been more careful!"


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    07/10/11 17:44:16
    Taniwha wrote:
    And I just saw an update (random chance, I actually had it on!) good stuff, though I gather they are still following up on it.
    Friends called me to say there had been a follow up. I had no idea anything was running. In the end I found out it was just them saying that the production company had let him go. (Which I was the one who informed them, so I don't believe they've done anything to be honest and have just used me to boost ratings. Oh well)

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