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Thread: VERY IMPORTANT: How NOT to cut a monofin, shape

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    Exclamation VERY IMPORTANT: How NOT to cut a monofin, shape

    If you decide to create a monofin or cut a monofin to shape, DO NOT cut it with a sharp notch in it, especially in the center. When you swim the stress of the blade will cause it to rip or crack. When you cut a monofin you need to round out any sharp indents (like the one in the middle). If you're finding this out too late, you can drill a hole at the apex of the crack and it will stop it from getting worse. This is an effective technique used from monofin cracks to cracks in a windshield.

    __________ Correct ___________ Incorrect _____

    If you have a pre-cut monofin from a tail maker that is notched, it is strongly recommended that you round the cut out as soon as possible to avoid ripping or cracking.

    From Mermaid Nayla's thread:


    Will result in:

    or (From bearemyrox97's thread):


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    thanks for this!
    i cut out my monofin shape yesterday, and i was debating about the shape. luckily i ended up choosing the correct shape!
    i will definately remember this when making more monofins ^.^
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    This really helpful to prevent cracking

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    Just curious...doesn't it damage the monofin anyways to cut it since it was manufactured that way before hand? And I was always to believe that the monofin has to be a certain length/width to be proportionate to your body to look authentic? Does this hold value to anyone?

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    For me, I think that monofin size and dimension is a personal choice, and while some feel that certain physical dimensions lead to a more authentic look, for me, it's not an issue. I love the look of big oversized , tendril fringed tails, I love smaller stiffer tails, I like smooth and tattered edges. I think it has more to do with the mers personality showing through that makes it genuine. It's one of the fabulous parts about this community, their is as much individality as there are fish in the sea. <3

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    What do i need to cut a monofin ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by starlite View Post

    What do i need to cut a monofin ?
    I use a band saw. I hear people are using dremel tools, so i guess that also works.
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    Thanks for posting! It makes sense, but I would have never thought of it
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    here ( you can see what happend if you cut your monofin into a hard point

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    Winged Mermaid Hi dear i so appreciate this thread, i first read it several months ago, my merwrangler just now pre cut my mono fin it looks like its a sharp v but it really not can you tell me if i should round this more or if it good like this? thank you Name:  10523356_322574064609784_2321307058890239242_n.jpg
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    Winged Mermaid Its our first time doing this, i was also told by my mersisters, i can add all weather duck tape to enforce it so not to crack, thanks again for your great tips and advice

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    Thank you sooo much for this i wouldn't have known! xxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly the Siren View Post
    Thank you sooo much for this i wouldn't have known! xxx
    Your very welcome Kelly the Siren hope it helped

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    Do you have to cut monofins?

    I see lots of people with monofins like thisName:  imgres-3.jpg
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    They seem to work just as well as a cut one (If not better)

    are there any pros or cons of cutting a monofin?

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    I could be mistaken but from what I've read it's more personal preference.

    Like for me, I'm not a fan of how that shape looks in a fabric tail with pointed fluke so if I were to make one I'd cut it to the shape I want my fluke to be. That being said I've seen some gorgeous ones using that shape too.

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    Thank goodness xD. I'd rather not take the chance of cutting it and messing up with a more expensive monofin, if you understand.

    Knowing my luck I would somehow ruin everything. XD

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