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Thread: Day one water testing my new Fish Butt!!!

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    Is your fish butt heavy when wet and I guess dry?

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    nnnnope. not really. everything i had read online from tailmakers said tails usually weigh 25-30 pounds. my husband is estimating my entire tail is roughly 12 pounds? and it doesn't feel like anything when it's on. it's very natural. wet...i don't think it's too different honestly. in the water you feel nothing. anad when you get out, it's..not noticeable. if there was a weight change on me, i couldn't tell. when i took it off you could tell the water had added a few pounds carrying it back to the truck, but again nothing crazy. hope that answers your question hun.

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    It is beautiful, you look so happy! Congratulations! others noted, the colors are gorgeous!

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    thank you! and i'll have r eal pics of it up later this day so you can see the colors. there will be an album on my profile.

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    Yay! I can't wait to see them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by merana View Post
    Yay! I can't wait to see them!

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    Really, really awesome...and that fluke really is beautiful!

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    omg i got soooo busy with work. gonna post those pics of this tail NOW! stay tuned to my profile!

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    Your tail is beautiful and I love the colors!
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    The photoshoot has been posted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyna View Post
    The photoshoot has been posted!

    we did you post your photos? can't wait to see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyna View Post
    haha yup, it's mine. where did you see it?
    stevi posted a pic of it on the facebook page. (:

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    ahh i see...well i just posted my review finally.

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    Does it stretch over time? How is the fit?

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    Oh my god, that is stunning. It looks completely real. Stephanie does such great work, doesn't she? I would never buy a latex tail from anyone else.

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    I'm not sure if or how much it will stretch. So far no, it fits like a glove. and when it dries it reverts back to normal. My other tail (nby another tailmaker) stretches and stretches when worn dry and 10x faster when wet and nothing i do makes it go back to normal. It's like....when you hold two ends of taffy and let gravity stretch it all to hell. *sigh* oh well. But THIS TAIL! It is amazing. And the most ....there is no word to justify the perfection of the feeling of swimming in this tail.


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