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Thread: Day one water testing my new Fish Butt!!!

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    Day one water testing my new Fish Butt!!!

    So so so so so happy mermaid here!!!!!'s officially my first tail in my possession, as I had bought another one almost 4 months prior and should finally now be receiving it Thursday. (I intend to do full reviews of each soon.)
    I ordered my fin seperate from my tail for times sake...because I have so many events going ballistic being behind on not maving my original tail in time. So happy I let her convince me to do it that way. I was really scared I would butcher the whole tail if i had to put the fin in myself...yes, I am clumsy enough to manage doing that trust me. When I got my oceanika...some of you might have seen the didn't fit at all. If it had come in my tail I'd have been screwed. It was a learning process. But after altering my fin....I got everything put in right yesterday, and FINALLY got to get out and water test it today. I just couldn't wait till my first photoshoot Monday. I needed it on NOW! So after many beach husband and I found a friend that let us come bogart her pool, and he snapped some pics of me in me Fish Butts/Mermaid Party's tail and top!
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    Underwater <3
    very lovely! Looks like you had a ton of fun
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    Woohoo! So happy for you! Mine should be shipping soon. ^_^
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    Looks great love love love the colors
    If you don't mind me askin where is your tail your gettin Thursday from?

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    Love your tail Lyna and the colour!

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    thanks guys! wish i got better shots that truly show off the colors! i will soon though!

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    So glad everything worked out, and in time!

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    It looks so realistic underwater too! Do you swim fast in it?

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    i believe i commented on how beautifully the colors blended. it really is lovely

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    Hugs, fishes, and mermaid kisses!

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    haha yup, it's mine. where did you see it?
    as for speed...i'm not sure. i'm a horrible judge of my own speed. i love the feel of it though. the pool was so small there isn't much distance to cover before you're at the other side.
    my husband was doing laps with me, and when i came up he says, "it's hard to go your speed." i said "what? slow?" he says "yeah" so i was like like fine then. lets go. because i had been enjoying the bonding and watching him over top of me in the water. so we dove and took off and when i surfaced at the other edge, he had made it halfway. hahaha

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    What issues did you have at the beach, may I ask?
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    i had never been to the public beach here. but thehusband decided to try it because we thought the w ater clarity there would be peprfect...and my spot..well it varies in denseness of loose algae....
    so we paid the 8 bucks to park and drove in and there was literally HUNDREDS of cars. we parked and hiked up to see what we had to work with, and there was people as far as the eye could see. then to the left was a 100 square foot area of people roped off where you could swim....then a 3-400 square foot area that was just gorgeous....where i would want to be....and then to the right of that another roped off area slightly smaller than the one to the left. it looked like a wade pool at a park with people alost shoulder ro shoulder. i know what happens when you don your tail around crowds. be prepared to be answering questions and having pictures shot and nothing else. and i wanted to swim and be left alone and experience my new tail. so we left.
    we went the other 35 minutes to my free beach that even half the locals don't know. but partking there is about 10 cars big...and then the whole dirt road leading back there is one lane wide and marked off for no parking. we were searching everywhere for a spot to slip in and walk, but the husband got so mad about the whole situation that he decided to just drive home.
    so i hit up faceboook looking for solutions because i was so not giving up on being in the w ater yesterday. and i got a couple offers from strangers, and then a friend offered her pool, so we jumped back in the truck. (people here dont have pools because everything is frozen for more than half of the year.)
    i also have a friend with a private beach up on the st i plan to link up with them and go up there maybe next weekend.

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    Your tail is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to see more pictures!!

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    Wow, bless your heart! Good think you found a friend with a pool! ^_^
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    hey guys: I've been getting some questions inboxed to me asking about the details (or lack thereof) on fish butts flukes. so i thought i would put this issue to rest. mermaid parties/fish butt's flukes really do have a lot more going on in the detailing than you guys seem to think, and they really are very relaistic both in reality and for photoshoots. this is a quick pic i snapped with my cell when bringing my tail in from a shock thunderstorm we had while it was out drying. as you can fluke is spectacular!!!
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    Gorge Lyna! I love it! When you hold it monofin-up, does the fabric on the end of the fluke hang down or is it just a solid structure under the monofin?

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    well obviously in this pic, the monofin is not inside....i wanted it to be removable so i can have the option of easily adjusting my ankle straps if need be....
    and no, there isn't much left over the edge of the fluke side of the fin to do anything. i know she can add fabric and whatnot if you want that floppy flowy thing in the water. but i personally don't like it. it look very very pretty on other mers...but it's not my thing. the fin itself though is so floppy and don't need all the extra dazzle to creat the illusions. it flows and moves almost independantly in the water. i wish i would show you guys somehow. it's really quite amazing. i will never be able to wear another monofin ever again. it looks so real!!!!

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    here...maybe you can see how it moves in these shots...the husband didnt get very good shots...but i will have more soon.
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