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Thread: Pink River Dolphins

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    Pink River Dolphins

    So my mom and dad went on a missions trip to the amazon two weeks ago and my mom saw pink dolphins there. Pink! I gave her funny looks and thought she was exaggerating until she showed me videos.

    I'd never heard of this before. They have a funny shape and aren't entirely pink, as you can see in this video. My mom says a lot of things are pink there, and people think it has something to do with the iron in the water or something, though I haven't checked that out myself yet. The catfish were pink too

    Does anyone else know about these guys?

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    The Botos are my favorite dolphins!!!! By far the most interesting, in my opinion. It's very sad they are endangered, you rmom was very lucky to see them! I saw a BBC show called Ocean Giants a while ago and it talks a lot about them. Here is a clips from Ocean Giants, and another one you might like

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    Actually, there are legends about the botos that are surprisingly selkie-like in Brazil. Supposedly these beautiful, party-and-sex-loving shapeshifters live in their own blissful realm but like to visit our world, and can cause madness, death, storms, etc. They also have some sort of impressive musical ability (also like selkies and merfolk). Like fairies, there seems to be a number of stories involving "kidnapping" (often of lovers or of illegitimate children) to take them away to their world or turn them into encantados themselves. Apparently, belief in encantados is still strong enough that people dislike walking along the Amazon river alone, particularly during the evening, and plenty of people claim to either have encountered encantados or be related to them.

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    So cool!!! I had never heard of any of these things! Thanks guys for teaching us all a little more each day.

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    the dolphins r so cute!

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    Red face A bit fo our native culture

    Hey guys, as I am a mermaid from Brazil here's some info in english:

    "Encantado" means literally "enchanted" used as in Enchanted dolphin (boto encantado), or enchanted horese etc to show that something is Magical or off the ordinary.
    It's not really a thing you can turn into as wikipedia says like; It's like: you cannot shapeshifter into enchanted. Makes no sense, maybe something lost in tranlation... some criatures can bite you and you can turn into it like werewolves (we seem to have many in our stories lol) But a boto will never bite a person and if he does you will have a bite not a curse.

    The pink dolphins from the river are called here pink botos. One boto and two botos...
    Of course they have female and male animals, but all of the botos are considerated male. So boto is a male word.

    On our native folklore its is said that the botos can turn into human - but UNLIKELY selkies that are girls (I do not know if they have any tales of male selkies) the botos are only male! They only turn into men forms.
    A very handsome man sometimes naled by the river, but usually very elegant in a white suit and hat - he wears a hat because his breathing hole appears on the top of his head - and thats the only way you can see he's a pink boto.

    The boto sings and/or plays instruments very well and will try to mate with human females that are lonely or alone somewhere.
    Different from the selkies does not lose their skin or have ANY weaknessess...
    Plus, He does not fall in love with humans and I don't think I've heard a SINGLE tale about a boto that had fallen in love with a human and decided to come back to her ... they only try to have sex and party for a night.
    This is the type of tale to make girls "be smart" (as we say) about the rich man that shows up there to have one night stands.

    It is said that the children of moms that had babies of unknown fathers are "sons of the boto".
    When somebody used to show up on a party wearing a hat people would ask him to remove his hat to make sure he isn't a boto.

    We call it pink botos because we have some others that are called botos. We have the white botos, the mixed botos...
    Botos are like vaguely name for river dolphin .

    The pink botos are very pink but depends on hteir sex, their age and what river they live in!

    The young ones are gray and will turn into pink..
    The males are usually pinker
    But the ones that live in lighter color water rivers are grayish on the back like the ones you recorded, the ones of dark water rivers are pink because if you dive in those waters you will see everything reddish as if you were diving in a pool of coca-cola. Sometimes they get even a bit redish and people can call those red-botos but I've never seen one only pictures. I assume it's very rare.

    So the boto on the record could be a female or one of a light water river (as the solim§es is famous for being one of the lightest) or even one of the subspecies less pink - we have 3 species of pink botos!

    they also have pink dolphins in some rivers of china for what I've heard but I do not know the name; I could find only white ones in pictures of baiji

    I hope it was interesnting to read a bit more about my country's animals.
    Kisses to you all! <3

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    Wow, thank you H-SAMA! That was very nice to read

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    never seen these dolphins xD so cute!
    (Formerly known as Mermaid Claudia)


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