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Thread: Prepping my reviews, I need YOUR input!!

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    Prepping my reviews, I need YOUR input!!

    OK guys....I've put it off long enough. I'm getting ready to write reviews on both of my tailmakers so far. But before I do...I want to make sure they are fair and both address the same topics so that one isn't obviously more biased than another, and so everything you guys are curious about gets addressed. So tell me.... what topics do YOU want me to cover in my reviews? Fit? Fluke? Fin? Colors? Customer service? Make me a list and I'll get to answering all of your questions!

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    You should cover the thin-ness of your tail (if there's drag lines), the durability against roughness (like waves), customer service of course, and maybe scale pattern? And include pics, if you can. Pics make everything better!

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    check out my thread on how to write a review and what you should include:

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    I agree with Celissa but I have some more too.
    um rubbing against cement
    heels showing
    getting tail on and off
    how it fits
    if your legs show
    And any and every other possible things!


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