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Thread: Texas swim season...

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    Texas swim season...

    So...beings as I haven't lived there yet....when does swim season there end? I'll be in the Killeen/Austin/Houston area (yes, I typed that on purpose not from ignorance on geography,) but when I was in Houston for Christmas, I was wearing tank tops and mini skirts and riding roller coasters in Kemah. So....I may be a little biased from the harsg winters where I am...but would any other mers be down to meet up and swim together when I get there in October? Or does the cold scare you?

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    It should still be warm enough in October. It was last year...and well into November too. Last winter was a "mild" one and I think I needed a light jacket for about two weeks or so in January/February. I'm a bit biased from growing up in the cold, but sadly I have been slowly losing my cold tolerance anymore.

    Anyway, yes, I would be interested. Hopefully I'll have my tail by then and I'll be ready to try it out.

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    Sweet!!! Sounds good. Are you on my fb?? it's hard for me to keep track of everyone's screenames vs real names vs mermaid names...

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    Lyna, I live in Austin, you can add me on facebook. I'd love to get together and swim....I am a wuss with the cold though, I used to live in hawaii and miss endless summer but Texas doesn't get that cold (I'm from the northeast orig) so October will prob. still be mild..

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    I know the feeling, Lyna. I just sent you a PM and a Facebook request.

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    citrine: i *liked* your page, but i don't know how to add personal pages because i never know who's who to keep names and screennames and real names....oh it's confusing. i posted a thread of my presonal fb for everyone to add me who wants to.

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    So I got back from Houston yesterday....and wow. there will def not be any issues with me swimming down there. We have about a week in NY to pack everthing and get that stuff arranged, and then it's off to the Fort hood area...and Houston! The pools were seriously like bath water at midnight, around 80 only 3 degrees less than outside. Crazy. Looking forward to meeting you guys and getting our swim on!

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    I'm looking forward to meet you too, Lyna. But yeah, bathwater-like temperatures in the pools/lakes/coasts here until at least November. Hopefully I'll have my tail by the time we get a meet-up going on. If not, I'll just be hanging out to meet everyone and take pictures.

    Best of luck with the packing and the move!


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