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Thread: Waterproof makeup?

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    Waterproof makeup?

    So I've long been on the hunt for a really good waterproof liquid eyeliner; I am a total sap and cry at the drop of a hat really and therefore mess my makeup up often. Now add the swimming aspect to it and I rally need something!

    I recently purchased a whole bunch of 'Makeup Forever' products upon the recommendation of a friend as well as their claims to be what water performers use. I ended up trotting right back to the store yesterday to return all of it as within a few minutes of being in the pool on Sunday all that remained was a few rolling off spots of the eyeliner & some clumps of mascara.

    Any suggestions on what to use? Definitely want black liquid eyeliner and a good mascara but would also like some good eyeshadow and foundation as well as red lipstick (brick color rather than the blue/pink shades).

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    your not going to find eye shadows that are waterproof, really your not going to find any makeup that going to be "water proof" only because most makeup is water base makeup and it will brake down and come off...
    I can do some looking around (if I come up with something it might not be something I have used before, I'm a make up artist, so no 100% on the "water proof") and give you a few sources to come up with, I have used some of Makeup Forever's liners and mascaras and the weren't to bad, but you stated you didn't get results.

    I do know this for your can use a lip stain to get them red, they might not be big, shinny and plump like always when you have on lipstick, but it will not come off in the water...

    You can also try looking at some genaric store stuff that says "water proof" I know some of that stuff is a b**** to get off with just water... just a suggestion...But I will poke around...
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    Also quick question, when you got the Makeup Forever makeup...(that sounds redundant) Was it that Aqua line????
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    Yes it was the aqua line.

    BTW, please don't take this as rude but I'm looking for specific recommendations from people who have found something that works rather than 'maybe this will work' or 'you aren't going to find anything'. I've already tried sooo many things and I would rather not waste money without a known success. I have done as much research as I can before asking for help on here (as I try to do before asking for suggestions in general) already.

    Having been a stage performer pretty much all my life as well as having a mother who was an esthetician I'm very familiar with all the 'normal' stuff as well as some of the higher level makeup too but just haven't had that good of luck yet.

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    No I can understand your not being rude.
    Well I hope you find something... Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoralMoonMermaid View Post
    No I can understand your not being rude.
    Well I hope you find something... Good luck
    Thanks. It's actually an ongoing joke with close friends; I sometime asks for help with something on FB and the responses I get from the outer circle of friends... *facepalm* So yeah. Not to mention I'm still waiting for the $150+ credit from the makeup forever return to show up in my account. ugh.

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    Yeah Makeup Forever is not cheep I tell ya... You should get it by tomorrow... it takes about 2 business days...
    But I do sometimes find that if my friends dont know an answers for something but another friend does.... I sometimes will try it it only expands your resoces a little further... but I guess thats just how I have gotten a lot of my answers... I dont trust hair dieing tips anymore though....not after it was died bright sea green blue... hahaha
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    To tell the truth i am a goth girl and a mermaid in the freaking Texas LOOL.
    I can't live without super strong eyeliner.
    Believe me it was hard for me to find super dark black eyeliner that wouldn't come off with my sweat or rain too,but i did.
    I use Milani black liquid eyeliner. It is amazing!!!! This eyeliner doesn't move at all once it is put on. Here is what it looks like.

    There is one catch though...their is always a catch.
    Yes, it is waterproof and works amazing out of water as in sweat or rain but, if you are going to be swimming for hours in a pool or something the chlorine will take it off and you will be swimming without eyeliner the whole time.
    Of Course if your just doing a Photoshoot it should be fine for only a few short minutes.

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    Thanks Saku, I will try it for no-pool involved events. Hoping to find a good under water one though!

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    I've swum with Alasea (I bet you could ask her) several times and her eye shadow always stays on really really well! (Even after 3+ hours of swimming) she uses normal powder I think but uses Rag Doll eye primer (I think I'm remembering the brand correctly) first and it's what causes the shadow to stay so well. As for lip colors I have a few idea's but I wont mention until I've confirmed it myself.

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    MUFE gets lots of rave reviews among makeup addicts, but I've only tried one of their products, an eyeliner, and I took that sucker back because I hated it. Still, I am interested to try some of their other stuff; it's just too expensive. But I'm getting off topic. I have a great recommendation for you! Mac's fluidline eyeliners, which are gel eyeliners you apply with a brush, are the BOMB. They look like a liquid but I find them easier to apply, and I always joke that they'd last through the apocalypse. I am a crybaby and I also have allergy eyes that water like crazy, and they last through that. I also swim with it on in the pool--as does my mom--and it doesn't come off. I'd really recommend that stuff; I'm a big fan. I don't know about mascaras or lipsticks though, sorry. I am still looking for that perfect waterproof mascara myself.

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    ROXY has just teamed up with a company to make waterproof makeup.

    I haven't really checked it out as I don't see the point of wearing makeup while I surf and normally swim. But when my tail comes in I may have to look into it

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    I just checked...
    Click the link for Accessories and then click on Make up in the left side....hope it helps

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    My own testing (in the shower) proved that Urban Decay and Too Faced primers were outlasted by eye drops. Eye drops!
    Before I bought either primer, I was mixing Sugarpill's loose eyeshadows with eye drop solution. I thought that it was a cheap method and moved on, but after a test, it proved to be better than the new primers I bought!
    I was unable to get good pictures because of lighting and sparkles-not-showing-up-on-camera difficulties, but test it for yourself!
    Making your favorite makeup waterproof or buying waterproof products is all about trial and error, and one product that works for someone else may not work for you.
    Good luck!

    (It could just be the eye drops mixing with the shadow that stayed put. I was using Goldilux by Sugarpill( and it could just be the formula. It stayed on through a shower and for many hours before and after.)

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    Went out and bought Mufe and Mac today. I also suffer from allergies that make my eyes water, I generally don't wear make up because I get raccoon eyes in 10 minutes :/ I liked Mac more at first because it went on darker, but it only took an hour to see that Mufe lasted while Mac didn't. I haven't done any pool testing yet, but thank you to all the people who brought up these brands! Now I have eyeliner to wear just on a daily basis, and Im excited for that @_@ I will wear them both to bed and wash my face, if something interesting happens I will mention it it tomorrow.

    Next, Im going for waterproof lipstick.

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    For lipstick, get a lip stain. Revlon's ColorStay Lip Stain is supposed be really good. It's the one they recommend (I think) at my dance studio for performances. I have a different one but honestly, lip stains are the best especially for water (and sweating!). I mean, my lips are usually still red the next day xD
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    I'm sorry the Makeup Forever didn't work out for you The awesome thing about Sephora is you can return anything for any reason, so at least you didn't waste money!
    I actually had sucess with Makeup Forever. I wore it to the World Mermaid Awards and the VIP Pool Party where I was swimming for hours, and the eye liner (pencil, not liquid) and mascara stayed put! Also I wear Makeup Forever under eye concealer (with a silicone based primer, aka "wrinkle filler") and that stayed put as well!

    In my experience Covergirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor stays on in the water well. I've found that it can come of in patches if you rub it with medium-hard pressure (sometimes this happens when eating). Also keep in mind that what makes the color stick to your lips also dries them out a bit. Usually the gloss that comes with it fixes this and keeps any from rubbing off if you rub your lips together, but in water it doesn't stay put, so keep that in mind.

    On the other hand, I've heard Covergirl lip stains are horrid.

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    Well...lip stains still need to be blotted off Mine still comes off on everything I eat though (I have Avon, it's almost more like lipstick)
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    I've had a pretty good run with Covergirl's Exact Eyelights eyeliner crayon (the purpley one for green eyes), it can be smudged around when it's first applied but after a while it doesn't move at all, enduring vigorous salt water eye scrubbing. I smudged it a bit to use it as eyeshadow as well, it worked pretty well.

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    Ben Nye Matte Makeup sealer works wonders. I use it in my underwater shoots and the shadow stays on miraculously, and with the same high pigmentation (if you used an eyeshadow primer, that is).

    Skip to the end for the sealer
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