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Thread: Waterproof makeup?

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    Omg I had forgotten all about eye drops! I grew up learning makeup from the best...drag queens. But their methods are cheap: eye drops, covergirl, and hair spray. I have long upgraded to Mac mixing medium, a plethura of outrageously priced (for obvious reasons) pigments, and ben nye sealer. Totally going to go back to the eye drops my next time out in the water...even if it doesn't'll save me $ in product that wasn't going to stay anyway.

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    I haven't read through this entire thread, but I'll tell you what works best for me! All this stuff stays on FLAWLESSLY while swimming, for at least an hour...if you are not touching/rubbing your face, just swimming. It is very difficult to get off when you want to get it off. You have GOT to use oil based makeup removers...the little makeup remover towelettes don't do jack squat.

    Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear
    Eyeliner: MAC LiquidLast in Point Black...but for the inside of the waterline: MAC Graphblack technakohl pencil (Black) or Napoleon Perdis China Doll Gel eyeliner in Alabaster (White).
    Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof
    Lipstick: MAC Pro Long Wear in Lasting Lust (with the attached gloss over top to seal it), or a MAC pro long wear lip pencil with a stain over top.
    Brows: MAC Paint Pots
    Eyeshadows: MAC Paint Pots
    Blush: Same stain as your lips
    False lashes: I haven't found a way to get false lashes to stay on for a long, long time, but if you take the Liquid Last eyeliner and paint it heavily across the base of the eyelashes once they're on, it will help the lashes stay on longer than just the eyelash glue by itself.

    I have heard Kryolan makes awesome waterproof makeup but haven't tried it's a line called Aqua Proof:

    This is one of my favorite makeup artists on YouTube, and he has a lot to say about waterproof makeup. He likes MUFE for waterproof stuff:

    I just found out about this stuff from Illamasqua called Sealing has amazing's my guess you can apply it over your eyelids, brows and lips after you are finished with your makeup so that it becomes waterproof. I don't think it would be a good idea to paint all over your face though.

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    Ive never had a problem with makeup forever, it always stays on so im wondering if you didnt apply it correctly? there's different types of it

    Now I just use mermaid minerals with a sealer over top and works better than anything. All my shots people ask about, it's mermaid minerals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkiNeptune View Post
    I have heard Kryolan makes awesome waterproof makeup but haven't tried it's a line called Aqua Proof:
    This link is to aqua-color, that is paint-make-up on waterbase. I use this for face-painting on children as it just washes of with some water (and soap).

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    Hi! I just wanted to say that I read through this thread and tried the eye drops method....WOW. It actually worked pretty well! Most of the time, when I put on makeup, it immediately runs off in the water. Now I wasn't swimming long, but with the eye drops, my normal makeup had some staying power.

    Here's my before (winged eyeliner, shiny eyeshadow, some base under the eyes - all put on with eye drops mixed in. Didn't hurt to walk through a spritz of hairspray either.):
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    And after:
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    So thanks for the tip! I'll definitely use this next time I want to feel pretty in the water.

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    Personally I like wet and wilds liquid eyeliner. I've never tried it in the water, but it's hard as crap to get off! I'll try it and tell you guys

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    Cannon Ball mascara by Urban Decay is the best! It stays on underwater and is a good mascara too. I feel like some waterproof mascaras have junk brushes, this one doesn't.

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    I love Japanese fashion and makeup, and let me tell you they have some of the most waterproof stuff around *_*
    For mascara I'd recommend Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara, I go swimming in it all the time- I can rub my eyes and no black smudges!! It does come off eventually in the water, though, but in tiny tiny balls after a few hours. To actually get it all off you need a super-dooper makeup remover. XD

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    I use Dermablend leg and body cover on my face as foundation for swimming. Stays put for me. They also have a cover cream that is thicker, but its too much coverage for me. Feels a bit "waxy". I set mine with regular old baby powder...adds slight shimmer as a bonus. I follw the directions on the tube...just apply then let it dry for about 3 minutes before using the powder to set it.

    I typically use a highly pigmented blush and apply it with a wet acts like a stain. I have not experimented with eyeliners as of yet, and I have very thin eyelashes so use falsies if I want thicker/darker. Mascara for me just doesn't work , drawing attention to the fact that my lashes are so fine.The Bill Nye waterproof fixative is great for adding longevity, and there is a brand they sell at Sally beauty supply that works similarly, but I forget the name.

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    I use the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner and I went on a cruise, swam, went through a rainstorm, and it was pretty good! Though really the issue is that the rainstorm (and sweating in dance) makes it smudge underneath. I think if you were swimming and not constantly being battered by water dripping down your face, you should be fine.
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    I wanna try Mayberlline color tattoo.

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    I haven't read through this entire thread but here is my suggestion: I love costuming and I frequently do events where I'll be in costume for an extended period of time in water, rain, or where its really hot and sweat cannot be avoided. I like to mix mineral (or any powder in a pinch) eye shadow with a touch of mineral oil and spread it on like a cream. It stays well as far as water proofing goes, but it smears pretty easily.

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    I know Mermaid Minerals makes a clear eyeliner (you can pick up eyeshadow with it to make different colored eyeliners), and I've heard such good things about it that I bought some myself! They also make some waterproof mascara that other mermaids used, so you might want to check them out.

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    I go swimming a lot, and I'm no professional mer, but the maybelline eyestudio gel liner that comes in a little glass jar thing works really well for me. (I only ever do pools). Also, recently I bought some Stila liquid waterproof eyeliner. I can DEFINITELY say that it does NOT go anywhere. I did a test swirl design on my hand and went to work with it there. Now, I work at a daycare, and I pretty much wash my hand every ten minutes. That swirly lasted through work, the shower, another day of work, and STILL took tons of makeup remover to get off. That eyeliner is what I'm going to be using all summer. They have a bunch of colors, too. I got the blue for cosplay, but I'll probably use it for mermaiding now. I'd definitely recommend the Stila waterproof liquid eyeliner.
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    has anyone tried those little glitter tattoo things from the tv? they stay on for a few days and are water proof, and you don't need to follow the stencils, just use the brush to draw a design and follow the instructions from there. I wouldn't use this as eye makeup exactly, but as extra designs or body art or scales or something, it would work fine. I drew on gold scales on myself earlier today just to make sure it would work with any glitter. which it does.
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    WOW lots of ideas and sources for waterproof makeup, I love it, but anyone got a great, but gentle remover? As easy as these products go on, it should come off as easy, too! Any recommendations out there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gem Stone View Post
    has anyone tried those little glitter tattoo things from the tv?
    I haven't seen these advertised... do you have the manufacturer or website/link for the product? Is it available in a store? What is the name of it? Thanks in advance!
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    Y'all might think I am crazy, and you might be right, but here are the two unlikely things I have used as liner, a fine tipped sharpie (amazing!) and black acrylic paint applied with a fine brush, water line is uncolored but the look is amazing, I also primed my lids with vasiline (petroleum jelly) and that held my eyeshadow in place pretty nicely. The last time I tried this was for high school pool parties, but I think it could help the daring mer. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gem Stone View Post
    Thanks Gem Stone!
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