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    I am thinking about getting a fishbutt and was wondering how bad they stick? Can you not touch it together at all? Does it go away? What happens if you do touch it together?


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    It is advised that you don't lay it on itself for storage, but that is the same with any and all tails that I have ever encountered. Yes, the stickyness goes away, a little bit each time you wear it in water. It's a little odd and unexpected when you first receive the tail, but as you get used to it, it fades. I find mine has been kncoked around or moved while I was away and it's folded on itself, it doesn't stick like stuck to itself and ruin it. I think if you left it touching itself before the first 3 wears in water then it would peel some latex and make small marks from tearing it back I would strongly advice you care for it in the beginning, but I know you would anyway because when you get it you are just so proud and paranoid like a first time mom. But after a while you will get used to it, and I'm not sure what horror stories you have heard, but I swear they are worst case scenario's and not the norm. It's better to know what COULD potentially happen so you are well informed and take extra steps in care of your tail.


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