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Thread: Musicians?

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    omg this thread is so old and so are my videos hahhaha

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    I primarily play bass guitar along with a little regular guitar and some drums. Would love to learn the bagpipes.

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    Raina, I adore the Skinny Love mix you made! Something otherworldly about it.

    I love singing and play a bit of guitar and violin and am more proficient on the keyboard and cornet.

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    Hey! As I know, the notes on the piano can be found anywhere online very simply. The basic notes of the piano can be found online, a simple google search will show you which notes are which one a piano. Good luck!

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    I don't know or I can call myself a musician, but I've been playing the piano for a very long time, ever since I went to school. I used to go to concerts in different countries and I think I was really great at it! I even bought myself a new piano on this site . I think it's quite exotic and unusual. It may be useful to you.

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    interesting info


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