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Thread: New? Here's important information to get you started, on the site and in mermaiding!

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    Exclamation New? Here's important information to get you started, on the site and in mermaiding!

    Getting Started:

    Welcome to MerNetwork, the largest online community of merfolk from around the world! We're so glad you could join our community. In this message you'll find all the important information you need to navigate the site and some great information to get your fins wet in costuming!

    Navigating the Site

    Before you get started, please read the Rules ( and Disclaimers ( To get yourself started, add some information to your profile! You can also add an avatar (this is the image that shows up when you post) and a profile picture (only shown on your actual profile page). All of this can be done in your User Control Panel, found by clicking "Settings" in the upper right hand corner of the window and using the links under "Settings" box on the left hand side. If you chose to make a signature (that shows up when you post) please make note and follow the Signature Restrictions ( The next thing to do is to introduce yourself to everyone! Please post a new thread for your introduction and post it in the "Introduce Yourself" sub section, found here: .

    Now that you're good to go, here are some things you should keep in mind while navigating the site.

    -Read the descriptions for forum categories. These can be found either directly underneath the category titles, or at the top of the page when you are in a category. When you are unsure of where to post a thread, do your best and post it where you think it would go or post it in "Everything Else". If the Admins feel it would be better suited elsewhere, they will move it.

    -Keep in mind that "Just Talk!" and "Current News" are for NON MER RELATED topics only!

    -Always check the stickies first. Stickies are thread that are permanently "stuck" to always be at the top of a category. They will have little post-it note symbols beside them. These contain important and frequently sought after information, so always look at them first before posting.

    - We have a system of location based groups, called Pods, to help mers network within their area. The most fun function of this of course being meet ups! The article for Pods can be found here:, and the forum found here: . Please keep in mind that the pods are always changing and growing as more merfolk network from around the world!

    The sub forums for the Pods can not be read by members unless they join a pod. After you join a pod you will have access to all of the pod forums. To join a pod go to "My Profile" (in the upper right hand corner), then look to the left hand side of the page and scroll down to "Permission Groups" and click "Join Groups". Here is a shortcut link: . Click on the selector for the pod that you want to join, then scroll down and click "Join Group". If you don't feel comfortable revealing your location, you can join the "Undisclosed" pod.

    -If you ever have any issues or questions, feel free to post on the "Help and Support" sub forum, contact the mods (Winged Mermaid and Malinghi) via private message, or email us at .

    - There are a few ways to keep up with the most recent happenings on MerNetwork! There is a panel built in to the page on the right hand side that lets you see the most recent new threads, and the most recent thread posts. You can collapse this panel if you wish by clicking the arrow tab on the right of the box. The forum itself will always display the most recent posted in thread (and who posted it) in each category. A better way is to use the Activity Stream or the New Posts page. The Activity Stream is displayed when you click on "What's New?" in the navigation bar. This displays all the new activity from all over the site- whether it be from a thread, an article, a photo, ect. It will show you all or part of the post as well as the user that posted it. The "New Posts" thread can be found by clicking "New Posts" (links directly under the navigation bar) once you are on the "What's New?" page, OR by clicking "New Posts" when you are on the forum page. The "New Posts" page shows activity by threads- it displays threads that have been posted in recently. Some prefer the Activity Stream, others the New Posts page- find what works best for you!

    - You can view the Chat Box in full screen by clicking on the Chatbox drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of the box and then clicking "View ChatBox Full". Please keep in mind that the ChatBox is PUBLIC and that anyone who views the site can see what is being said.

    For any technical questions on navigating the site, please refer to the FAQ- specifically the section on the board. It can be found under the FAQ or by following the link here:

    Here are some links on the site for some information on mermaiding:

    MerNetwork FAQ

    List of Tailmakers

    The Tailmaking Reference Index - all the links and threads on how to make every kind of tail, organized by tail type

    Comprehensive information on monofins- both commercial and DIY

    Tips on How To Measure for a Tail

    Important information on tail care and maintenance:

    Dealing with Chlorine's Negative Effects

    Mer-Care for Mer-Hair

    The Official Underwater Makeup Thread

    Accessory Making FAQ - commonly asked questions on making mer accessories

    What to Expect with Your First Tail

    The Official How to Put On Your Mermaid Tail thread

    Why we don't advise full silicone tails for your first tail

    The Official Merfolk Accessories Store List- the list of all the stores that sell merfolk accessories! Everything right here, including shell and scale tops, mermaid belts, shell/seaweed/octopus/tentacle jewelry, hair clips, webbed finger gloves, gills, staging props, playing music under water, to every day mermaid inspired wear!

    The Official Underwater Tricks Thread- Share underwater tricks, techniques, ideas, tips, ect! Find out about bubble kisses, bubble rings, flips, ect:!

    Health Risks when swimming in Pools

    Mermaid Modeling Tips

    The Official "How to Become a Professional Mermaid" Index

    Professional Mermaid Gigs (Index)

    Photography and Professional Mermaiding

    (Cross Posted in Information, updates, annoucements)
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    I was actually going to suggest something like this be sent out automatically whenever someone joins the site. Thanks for all this great work you're doing!

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    That's the next step! I thought I'd go ahead and post it for everyone else to see as well, and for reference if anyone needs it. Trying to make this site a little more organized. It can be hard with a forum for sure! Topics and posts just flying 'round everywhere, haha.

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    Thanks for this, everything's so organized and easy to follow I'm new in case you couldn't tell haha

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    I'm new to the site! I want to become a mermaid so badly!!!! I wish there was a Utah mermaid on here to guide me

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    Um..hello? I'm new here and I'm trying to click the link for introducing myself but it doesn't work....and I can't find it either can u help?

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    Just click post new thread over here:

  8. #8 raina?......its not working.....I don't see a button for tht

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    It also says invalid thread

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    then your account probably hasn't been approved yet. Sit tight.

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    Ao wine remove that spam post please
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    I've just added a couple of threads on known Mermaid classes around the world, as well as pro mermaids who offer classes:


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