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Thread: cool things to make that magical atmosphere

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    cool things to make that magical atmosphere

    i was just looking around the web,out of boredom and i found a few cool things that would make a nice set to swim in at an event or just for fun. The first are waterproof LED balls.

    another one is a floating lotus

    i also found some jelly fish

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    I love those jellyfish. :>
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    I agree those jellyfish would look so cool in a pool!

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    My WalMart sells glowing roses for the pool, too

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    Some local pirates want to hire me to do a pool party and they said something about these. I meant to look them up but been so busy. Love that they're LEDs! My mertender worked with a group of people to invent an LED street light that's being put all over Canada and you'll start seeing in the states too. Woowhoo go LED!

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    If I ever get a pool, I am so totally going to get the jellyfish lights! How mermaidy! Cute right?
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    my aunt had the jellies and she had fish that swam with (non floppy but mechanical) tails that were charged from sunlight. they were cool. unfortunately when she sold her house she threw them out

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    omg that stuff is so cool
    see guys, now i need a pool. xD
    (not that i didnt want/sort of need one before)...

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    Agreed. I need a house witha pool. and these lights.

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    I like the atmosphere the stuff creates. It is like sea fairyland. It's magick!


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