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    11/29/10 12:30:42
    Alright, So... Many of you don't know.. that my profession is in Editorials. I'm a printed makeup artist by trade.

    So I found that MAC's Black Liquid liner... Has not left my hand after testing in, in an hour long steaming hot bath. Its hard to work with, but once you're used to it.. it won't budge. Its HARD to take off.

    A close drugstore brand I found... is Maybelline's Ultra Liner. Which is a weaker version of Mac's super formula. Yet, water will unbudge it, until soap mixes with it. It breaks off in tiny latex like pieces when soap interacts with it.

    This is a great discovery, because.. I absolutely Love my winged liner. :P Its like a trademark.

    Im testing out different foundations, with facial primers, and eyeshadows currently.. Let you know what I find.

    If you found anything that you found works in the water, let us know.

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    11/29/10 16:50:47
    I use Lorac brand foundation and Make Up For Ever HD concealer... although they're not marketed as waterproof, I've never had them come off or wear off in a pool or water unless I SCRUB it. I can't speak for eyeliner and such because I'm makeup retarded and pretty much can't use it without looking like a little girl going "AM I PRETTY, MOMMY?!"

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    11/29/10 17:47:06
    Thats good to know.MAC isn't cheap and is wonderful for dry photo shoots so i look forward to hearing more of what you fine out

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    11/30/10 08:51:05
    I've used my MAC Blacktrack for pirating events and been swimming in pools and scrubbed my eyes when coming up to the surface and lost very little of it. I also have a new liquid liner I got at CVS, I'll find it and let you know what it is. Takes some serious scrubbing to get off my face. I've not worn it in water yet. I may be getting in the ocean this weekend if my tattoo has healed enough, I will try to remember to test the two makeups!

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    11/30/10 12:31:15
    Im still testing how to keep eyeshadows on.

    If you use a thin layer of eyelash glue, and wait 20-45 seconds for it to get tacky, and put glitter on it. THAT works pretty damn good. Since glitter is chunky.

    NOTE: GET EYE SAFE GLITTER. Cosmetic glitter is different then what you get at the dollar store for $1. :P

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    11/30/10 13:32:44
    eyes + micro craft glitter= suck. I know this from the glitter bom wars we fairies have at the ren faire
    Winged Mermaid

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    11/30/10 15:22:39
    Yes, please! Eye safe glitter! You can really damage your eyes if you use non cosmetic grade and it gets in your eyes.
    (Side ramble- I remember in show choir the dance captain was putting glitter on our eyes and I refused becuase it was not cosmetic grade. She got pissed, but I'd rather not scratch/cut my cornea and lose vision, thanks.)

    The secret to glitter removal: tape. Scotch tape for small amounts on the face. Glitter war on outfit or whatever else- duct tape. Tape keeps a fairy sane, haha XD

    You know, I wonder how well Pixe Epoxy would hold up? The glue comment reminded me of it. Have you heard of it? All the makeup snobs (they call themselves that :P) are loving it! I got some, and it's pretty awesome! It's a primer made to make not only colors, but sparkle POP like crazy! A little goes a long way, and it's cheap.

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    11/30/10 19:54:22
    Ah micro glitter, herpies of the craft world... goes away comes back, thinks its gone oh wait theres some more!

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    12/01/10 15:52:20
    Pixie Epoxy would help, but I find it doesn't hold up underwater without an awful lot of prep and other products. If you're looking for an commercial eye primer, I would go with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Some people love Urban Decays Primer Potion, which is nice don't get me wrong, just isn't great for underwater due to how creamy it can be.

    As mentioned in the other makeup thread, I've done underwater shoots before (As the makeup artist, no mermaids, just advertising). Yaby pearl paints eyeshadows (they're powder and metallic, no mattes unfortunately) are wonderful. Make Up For Ever's entire line is great (When it's used by Cirque de soliel, especially for the underwater performance they did several years back... you know its good). I have a lot of their products. I'd recommend this kit to any mermaid to get them started:

    If you want to go theatre, my two picks for foundations would be Gratobian and RCMA. Anything that is grease based has a better chance (set it with powder). Silicone based (Like Face Atelier or MUFE HD) I normally lean towards, but if you're swimming in a chemically balanced pool, do a test run first to make sure everything stays. (Most shoots have been fine, one shoot the foundation starting flaking off - we found the chemicals had been adjusted the day before so they were quite strong)

    I agree with Keiayra, or I think I do? MAC's normal liquid liner is a bit "meh" to me. You can find it elsewhere, NYX, Maybelline. But their Liquidlast liners are awesome. I can put that on and it will last two days before it starts to flake. That being said, do not leave your makeup on for 2 days! (or even one, take it off when you go home. If you tend to get tired, keep makeup wipes by your bedside)
    Incase any mers are guilty of not removing their makeup, I will use this to entice you:

    I originally bought it for the packaging, but it's quite a good little cleanser.

    Little tip regarding glitter: You can get edible glitter from food hobby stores (Cake decorating) or order online. Completely safe and yes, it sparkles just like the real thing.

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    12/01/10 17:26:35
    I use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. You put it on before eyeshadow and it works great!

    Winged Mermaid

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    12/01/10 18:20:14
    I've never used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I own UDPP. I'll have to try UDPP out and see if it holds up for me. Those primers are too expensive to buy another of if I don't have to.

    Little skeptical about finding a foundation. I have yet to find a foundation that is not too dark for me. I just don't wear any because of that :/ The Makeup For Ever makes me a little more hopeful though- they seem to actually have a pretty good range of colors. Do you think Sephrora stores carry the line? I would want to look at it or maybe try it before buying- so expensive!!

    One thing I always wear is under eye concealer. With fair skin and two sleeping disorders, under eye (i have to use it on my lids as well) concealer is a must for me. The one primer that has done decent for me is Sephora's silicone based Instant Wrinkle Filler. It keeps the concealer on a lot better than anything else has, but if anyone has anything they think would work better, let me know.

    I'm glad there's actually eyeliner that will stay on! Mascara too. My mascara is "waterproof" but it flakes off in the water. Not a good thing- getting that in your eyes sucks!

    Thanks for the links and tips Selene!

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    12/01/10 20:48:07
    My Maybelline waterproof bottle blue top, does not flake off in the water. Been a while since I tested it in saltwater but again this weekend I hope to swim! Despite our stupid cold front!


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    12/01/10 21:35:07
    With UDPP, it depends on the models lids and what prep products you use. I'm erring on the side of caution here and assuming all of you have oily lids(I know you don't, but there's always a couple). When you're dealing with water, I'm assuming that everyone would want their makeup to last as long as they want. That's how I feel about it when I'm on a job. "You be good and stay put until I'm done with you!" lol!

    Sephora definitely carries MUFE. I'm jealous of you guys on the selection and prices side of things. It's not available in my country, so I order a lot of things from overseas. My bottle ended up costing me around $90 not including shipping. Maybelline Great Lash is over $30 here in stores - ridiculous! I'm glad that I never liked it.

    Eyeliner wise, the pencil ones from MUFE are lovely, have amazing staying power (infact, try to get a kit with the remover if you can. Definitely recommend it) and come in great shades. Here's a link to another nice little starter mascara and remover kit:

    and a small "Best of", which I do agree with. I have all of these products in my professional and personal kits:

    Also, if you're instore, check out Urban Decay's 24/7 liners. They definitely do not hold a candle to MUFE in staying power, but in comparison with your average pencil they have nice staying power and they go on like butter! I used them for shoots before slowing replacing them with MUFE. I still buy them for my daily wear though. If you're in a humid environment and want to spend 2-3 hours in a pool, they'll be fine. Any more and they may start to smudge depending on your application.

    Winged, you sound very much like me in the under eye area. I don't use a primer. Sometimes I'll use a cream or gel if it's hot. (I'm being honest, it's naughty of me not to follow my regime everyday, but it happens) I can put my concealor on and know that whatever happens, whether I go to the gym, spend the entire day in the water, stay up (and out) all night, it will not budge, cake, or settle into lines. My favourite is Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. It's marketed as a foundation I believe. If you know you're not going to be swimming, there's Eve Pearl who is great with under eye circles. Mac Studio (in the pot) is decent as well, although that settles into lines at the end of the day and can become cakey even with a primer if you're not careful. MUFE do a great one (Full Coverage) - I haven't purchased it, only tried it, but its on my list. I know it wears well as I was sent a tube for the "average" skin tone. (I'm fish belly white so I walked around my apartment looking like a panda all day) as do Keromask, Face Atelier, Cle de Peau, Laura Mercier etc. Quite a few brands. I settled on KA because he actually made my shade! *Shock Horror!* and it stays on without feeling weighty. My next stop would be either MUFE, Keromask or Face Atelier. Keromask I've used before and goes light enough shade wise, but I found it a bit heavy for my liking (easily sheered out though). Face Atelier I own for personal as well as kit, it's great in every season except winter when I'm my palest and complements the foundation gorgeously. MUFE is on my list to purchase, but won't be ordering it until I can see the shades in real life.

    Hope this helps someone xx

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    12/08/10 19:18:35
    I use Milani Infinite liquid eyeliner. You can find it at target in the make-up aisle.

    I use it it for everything!!! Specially when i am just being the usual old me Black everything and spikes lol. I hate when my eyeliner melts off and this really works . Best way to get it off is using either cocoa butter or a make remover liquid.

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    12/24/10 20:38:05
    Hey Guys!

    I have an old high school friend who does body painting proffesionally. I asked her about what she uses...

    This is her message to me...
    Hope it helps!

    Hi Jennifer!

    Sorry for delay.! I forgot about my email for a few days! ... The paint I use, for airbrush is Tribal Ink... It is pretty much waterproof!... but very expensive... $40 a bottle! You can get it online... do a google search. Good paint... holds up very well and a little goes a long way. you can extend it with half 91% rubbing alcohol. this helps it go through the airbrush better too. Clean up is a generous coating of baby oil on the skin... let sit ten min., then scrub off in shower. Yes... this creates very messy shower... any paint left on skin can remove with pure rubbing alcohol. Hope this helps!!!!! Merry XMAS
    Jewel de Lune

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    12/27/10 18:59:57
    Eyelash glue is made to come off in water. When I perform for dance, we have to wear fake eyelashes, and once they got stuck on my real lashes. My friend told me to use water and, when I did, it took a few times with a wet cotton ball but it came off easily. Eyelash glue is probably not the best bet underwater, though great out of water. I used it with rhinestones as fake studs (also for show) and it just doesn't come off! Okay that's off topic haha.

    Another option for underwater makeup might be Ben Nye. It's a theatre makeup brand with really vibrant colors although it can be a little pricey and mostly only available online. I remember once using some of the creme makeup and setting it and just water and soap is hard to take it off. Using makeup remover was the only way. But it only works if you set it with the transparent powder well, because I didn't once and it came off easily.

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    12/28/10 19:29:23
    Not sure if I've mentioned it, but Jewel de Lune has prompted my memory so in case I haven't said, I recommend Duo surgical adhesive as your false eyelash glue. (You can buy it online, MAC also stocks it) I advise you to toss whatever glue comes with your lashes. That being said, out of the water false eyelashes are great. In the water... it's more of a tricky story as even the ones that use human hair can have some issues. To make sure the water/flow does not cause them to separate, I would recommend gluing dots of the falsies graduating along the curl of your natural lashes in order to "fuse" them. I'll pop this on my list of tutorials as I believe that was a horrible explanation lol.
    Capt Nemo

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    12/28/10 20:03:03
    Duo Surgical Adhesive = OUCH!!!!

    The tec divers use that stuff to secure cathaders for their drysuit pee systems. LOL!!!

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    12/28/10 22:56:57
    Now now Nemo, you know I know what I'm talking about . Don't scare people. It doesn't hurt, and if there were any doubts... if guys trust it enough to use it on their most treasured possession, then you know it has to be safe

    (It also comes in clear drying and black)
    Jewel de Lune

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    02/13/11 15:51:13
    Okay so for the past week, I've been testing out the Ben Nye makeup. I couldn't go swimming but for Chinese New Year, I had painted a dragon on my left arm . I left it on to see how it would hold up. It faded a bit but stayed until I had to scrub it off yesterday. I didn't like wash it really hard and I only used water on it, no makeup remover (that'll take it off). It stayed impressively well and I'm eager to try it out in the water someday
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    Jewel de Lune

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    02/14/11 04:07:06
    I used the creme make up. Note, the longer it stays on, the harder it is to take off! I don't think this will be as much of a problem if we are swimming, but just a note. It may act differently if it's mostly submerged rather than just on my arm haha


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    02/19/11 12:43:38
    I use alcohol activated paints, like Skin Illustrator, if I'm doing body work that I know is going to be submerged for long periods of time, or the person will be sweating lots. This is of course more harsh on your skin than a grease paint, but has significantly better staying power. If you're not using any sealant (powder or actual liquid sealant) for the cremes, my guess is that it is staining your skin more than having "staying power".


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    02/24/11 12:40:56
    Regarding Ben Nye grease makeup-
    There is a setting powder that you have to put on over it or it with SMUDGE like crazy with even the lightest touch. Once the setting powder is on, the stuff is damn near impossible to get off. The obvious downside to something like this is that is hard on your skin (hello breakout!) and you should be very very careful with it around your eyes- over zealous removal can damage the delicate tissue around your eyes.

    Jewel de Lune

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    02/25/11 20:20:09
    I set all the makeup I use with Ben Nye with translucent powder. If you don't, it will come off very easily!! I do believe it began to stain my arm after the first like 2 days (the dragon I did) but the thing I love about using the creme makeup is it mixes really well with other colors. Since I paint often, it was easy for me to make it look realistic and good. I have a 2 pictures of some makeup stuff I do, I'll upload it later

    Almost Living SPFX

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    05/28/11 18:13:25
    I second the Alcohol Activated makeup. It is a bit harsh but there are some activators for it that are a touch better than the pure 99% alcohol. I use it for pirate events a lot, and it stayed put for 3 days in and out of the ocean in key west last year with only minor touch-ups after sleeping in it.


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    05/28/11 18:55:14
    So, this will totally not work if your design involves intricate colors, but food coloring works really great for skin staining. It stays ok pretty well in water even. If you rub at the skin, it will begin to fade, but I have covered my brothers in green tribal tattoos and set them to play on a water slide and the designs were still visible. Plus, the colors wont be harsh on the body, which is always a plus.


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    07/15/11 22:50:31
    Ben Nye Creme Makeup with the setting powder works fairly well, but will make you break out if you have sensitive skin.

    My favorite foundation for everyday wear to date is Estee Lauder Double Wear. It lasts for something like 18 hours without barely moving. I feel like it would do a fantastic job for an underwater shoot. I'll try it with MAC Studio Fix powder on top, and also with just the foundation by itself and see what kind of results I get.

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    rock candy liquid eye shadow rocks. it's glittery and stays on real well

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    There are detailed descriptions, product listings, and videos in this thread:

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