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Thread: Mermaid YouTube Series?

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    "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

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    Natasha and I made a short film the other day, (Nothing to do with our series but just because we wanted to get an important message about.) The video description describes it if you don't get it:

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    We're looking for what you want to see in a show because we're making our own. I'm afraid we do turn into mermaids everytime we touch water, but we have some new powers along with the H2o ones. Please check out the sneek peek of your show that we've posted on YouTube (it only has clips of Fiona), and tell us what you think and what you want to sea.
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    anyone know of any good free programs for making my own music? I don't think i'll actually be putting in singing unless i can get my sister to sing for me, so basically making a tune/background music i guess.

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    I'd recommend looking for free-to-use music online. Royalty free. I don't know of any programs though, but there's a LOT of great royalty free music out there.

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    My friends and I have a mermaid show called "A Splasy Tale." My friend accidentally had her camera on "near sight" when we were filming most of the episodes... Also they are kind of short, I promise you that the next two season's shows will be longer, have better stories (like, really great ones!), more characters, and clearer filming!
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    You guys have very nice tails :'D
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    Summer's here! (well where i am ) And that means shooting mermaid videos! are any of you starting to shoot your series this summer? or releasing episodes already?

    oh! and i forgot to answer one of the effects question about transformations and powers, the answer to that is find a free Adobe after effects demo and you can make those kind of effects in that.

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    Oh my gosh, I love them! Me and my friend are going to make one too! Ours is going to be called "Of the Ocean" (Please don't copy) We aren't sure if we want to use the touching water-turn into a mermaid thing; but I can't think of any other way to turn into one other then the barbie mermaid thing (She holds her necklace and says "I wish to become a mermaid") So if anyone has any ideas we should start spreading some(:

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    I've always liked the idea of changing when you're thirsty, lol.

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    I actually am doing a series with my bff. It isn't posted yet, but it will be called "A Mermaid Sorcery Tale". (please don't copy) When it is posted, will you check it out? She is a wizard, I am the mermaid. We are doing the whole touch water and change.
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    I like the youtube series 'Mermaid Miracles'. I don't watch mermaid youtube series, but I saw this one, and I really took a liking to it.

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    Yes! I have been looking for a thread like this. I have a plan to make a mershow based off a dream I had in December, but my problem is that I want it to be extremely professional. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like this. I need locations, actors/actress who are willing to act in the show, some special effects/makeup artists, and a whole bunch of other junk. So at this moment, I think I'm going to just plan and plan and plan. But I can't wait to see everyone elses! (I may film the show in the likes of Chronicle, Cloverfield, and Project X, but that would be if it were a movie. Knowing me, it could turn into one)

    As for some of the shows I've seen, I like Mermaid Miracles as well. The pilot is here:
    The show seems pretty professional, and I really like how many people they've been able to get involved. It takes on a completely new plot line as well, showing mermaids from blood, not from being turned. They still have the touch water and get a tail thing though, but it seems that everyone has that. (But not for long...)

    Also, there is this mer on youtube, AimzDreamer, who is planning on making a webseries, and her other videos she's put up are really cool, so I'm hoping her series will be just as great.
    She also has an amazing merberry review, something many people have been looking for.

    If there's any other shows you guys know about (I've already seen Mystic Tails and Secret Life) please let me know. Even though I'm on vacation, It's still not swimming weather in New England and I really enjoy watching these while desperate for swimming. That sounds weird, but hopefully you get what I mean.
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    Mermaid Miracles is pretty cute. Seems like a hobby...but if you're going to do something do it right. Most of the effects on that show can be done with iMovie with very little know how.

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    I actually watched mermaid miracles just last week! It is really good quality

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    Mermaid Miracles? I've seen it, but had kinda given up on watching these because they are mostly the same. I'll have to check it out soon!
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    Hey! I'm new to this site and for some reason I can't figure out how to put on a photo. But anyway, I REALLY want to make a Youtube series and it's going to be totally original. It's going to have more creatures than just mermaids, including demons, cyborgs, vampires, angels, fairies, and werewolves. I found a do-it-yourself super realistic werewolf costume how-to, but I'm probably going to buy the mermaids tail(s). The main characters are going to be seven girls who, by fate, all meet each other and then find out they all have the same birthday. On their 16th birthday party they begin to change and each one is different. Here are my characters I put together:

    Alissa-Responsible, confident, and kind-Curly caramel hair-Blue eyes-Mermaid
    Danielle-Very stubborn, and rebellious-Straight red hair-Brown eyes-Demon
    Maddie-Smart, nerdy, and clumsy-Curly brown hair-Green eyes-Cyborg
    Silvia-Outgoing, funny, and optimistic-Straight black hair-Blue eyes-Vampire
    Jacqueline-Naive, graceful, and shy-Curly blond hair-Blue eyes-Angel
    Chloe-Spunky, bright (as in colors), and artistic-Straight blond hair-Green eyes-Fairy
    Hanna-Perfect, picky, and vain-Wavy orange hair-Brown eyes-Werewolf

    I'm going to call it The Seven Secrets but please no one steal the name.

    Here is a sneak peak of the first episode:

    Everyone sitting in Chloe's room. Chloe is in a spinning chair. Danielle is sprawled out on the bed texting. Maddie has a pencil in her hair and is doing homework, sitting criss-cross on the floor. Hanna is looking in the mirror trying to fix her hair. Alissa is on the computer. Silvia is on the floor with popcorn. Jacqueline is sitting on the bed.

    Isn't it so amazing?-Alissa
    Yeah, I know? What are the chances of six girls all having the same exact birthday?- Danielle
    And then they all move to the same town.-Jacqueline
    At the same time.-Maddie
    And actually meet each other.-Chloe
    I know, and I'm so excited about our party!-Hanna
    Yeah, only three more days!-Alissa
    I wonder what our parents are going to do. I hope it's not too childish.-Danielle
    I hope they get me a new sketch book. I've pretty much filled this one up.-Chloe says, picking her notebook up off the desk and sliding off the chair onto the floor.
    I really want a new curling iron. One with all those cool designs. I'm hoping for the hot pink one. -Hanna
    Psht, I wish. No curling iron will ever get my hair to curl.-Silvia
    My hair's the complete opposite. I can never get it to stay straight. It's totally uncontrollable. -Alissa
    Hey, does anyone know where my other homework page is. I had it here a minute ago.-Maddie
    Hanna tries to stop a laugh.
    Hanna! Come on, give it back! I've got to get it done tonight.-Maddie
    Geez, alright, I was just joking.-Hanna hands the page back to her.-All you ever do is study!
    Well, my grades are really important to me.-Maddie
    Yeah, just like your make-up is to you.-Silvia
    Why, I outta... -Hanna
    A phone rings, Jacqueline mouths sorry, and answers.
    Oh, hi mom… yeah, I know… Oh my gosh, I forgot… -sighs- …yeah, okay… I'll be right over. Okay... bye.

    I hoped you like it and I'm going to introduce a few more characters along the way. The only problem is I can't find anyone who would want to be in it so all I have are ideas and scripts but no actors. I live in Maine so it's really hard to find people my age (14) that are into mermaids and stuff. Maybe when I'm older I'll make it into a real TV show. I've always wanted to be a movie director so it would be pretty fun. I just wish I could do it sooner. Tell me what you think! Thanks.

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    That sounds really good! If you make it tell me because I'll definitely watch it! I want to be a movie director to! (:

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    Thanks! I really hope I get to do it. I'm also thinking of going to this school called Barbizon Acting school and I might meet people interested in it but I'll de-fin-atly (haha, pun intended) post it on here if I do.

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    Question-Where did you find how to make a homemade werewolf costume? (I want to be a werewolf for Halloween)


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