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Thread: Summer 2013?

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    Summer 2013?

    Anyone want to meet up in Door County, WI next summer?


    Cave Point/Whitefish Dunes State Park is 2 miles north. WI state park permit needed for Whitefish Dunes beach, NO pass needed for Cave Point County Park. Parking lot fills by 9-10 AM, usually overflowing by 11 AM. Improved pit toilets, small grills, gazebo, and some picnic benches. Off the cliff area in the water there are parts of the D.A. VanValkenburg shipwreck. Also shallow sea caves along the cliffs. On shore, large rock shelf that is great for pictures. Lots of tourists/cameras are present, and anyone in a tail will attract them.

    Lakeshore Park in Jacksonport is about 5 miles north of Cave Point. In the water there's the remains of an old pier and 2 shipwrecks in 15' of water max.

    Cherries are in season in mid/late July.


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    that sounds like its near milwaukee. Is it? because if its close, i can probably go

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    Northeast of Green Bay on the thumb of Wisconsin. Click on the map link and zoom out.

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    Another possibility could be Munising, MI.

    There's glass bottom boat tours, shoreline boat tours, scuba/snorkeling possibilities, waterfalls, Bay Furnace, and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

    For lodging, there's a Days Inn downtown, Holiday Inn north of town, cottages in Christmas. I think there's a casino/hotel also in Christmas as well.

    The Dog Patch is a MUST for food in town.

    Munising is eastern time zone.

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    I could potentially do something in WI, as I live in very northern IL in the summers. MI would be more tricky. Though I don't know where I'll even be all summer for sure, I might end up doing an internship elsewhere. But if I could, I'd LOVE to make it to a meetup

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    what about meeting up just north of chicago on lake michigan?

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    Southern Lake Michigan tends to be sandy and give murky water. Door County tends to be rock bottom and is clear, and there's also lots of accessible shipwrecks. Great for pics! Best time is late May early June before the green slime begins.

    How's this for a location to get your tail wet?
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    god that is beautiful i wish/hope i can go but i am saving up for merpalooza so i dont know if i can or not

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    That is beautiful!

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    Yeah, Cave Point is an awesome location, both above and below! I can provide wetsuits, masks, snorkels, and fins (for the tailless and tenders).

    Here's the view looking north. The submerged rock cuts are a neat swim. Depth about 8-10 feet.
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    Gah, if I didn't live on the otherside of the world I would join you guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mer_Adella View Post
    now i am dying to go
    And the closest route just has to be the ferry!

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    ya i checked ticket prices for the ferry....i about fainted ! 350$ !!!! for 1 vehicle and 1 adult for a round trip ticket!!!! i could fly there cheaper lol

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    You wouldn't really save anything by going on the ferry. It's like a six hour trip if I remember correctly. (did it once as a kid)

    Sucks having you on the exact opposite side of the lake from me! Although, you could carpool some of the other mers on the way as there's a few trapped in Chicago. That could help with expenses. OK kids, keep your heads, hands, and flippers inside the car!

    *cringes at all the accidents behind a car full of cute mermaids with tails hanging out the windows*

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    Hahaha. Oh man. I would loooove to go, it's so stunningly beautiful!

    I'm one of the ones trapped in Chicago in the summers (unless I get an internship...), so if anyone passes through... pick me up along the way? ;D
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    ha ha ha ha ha Capt. thats awesome. I could TOTALLY see that happening!!!!

    "Jadestone! I told you not to flip your tail at passing cars! I don't care if they gave you the finger! There are lots of other people out there that don't HAVE tails, so don't cry to me if yours gets ripped by someones side mirror!" lol playing mama bear....always

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    Is that on Lake Michigan or Lake Superior?

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    Door County is between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. The two location pics are at Cave Point in Door County. Munising is in the upper peninsula along Lake Superior. I put Munising out there for the Minnesota mers as a little shorter trip.

    Door County is a tourist trap on the west side (hwy 42), and generally wild on the east side (hwy 57). A weekend is recommended, so you get a chance to drive/swim/shop around. Lots of art studios and other shops. Fish boils are a big food specialty up there, and worth a try. If you have even more time, take the ferry to Rock and Washington Island. State parks do require vehicle fees ($10 for non-resident daily pass). The daily pass is good at all the parks up there for the day issued.

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    I'm interested, but I honestly have no idea if I will have time this summer. I'm graduating with my bachelors in April, and I still need to take the civil service exam and the GRE, and I have to work my tail off (no pun intended) so I can make the payments on my student loans, which will start 6 months after graduating. When would you need to know, if you needed confirmation at all, if we were planning on attending?
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