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Thread: Did I give the right advice?

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    Did I give the right advice?

    So I'm totally calling BS on this person, because their story is REALLY outlandish, but I wanted to respond anyway. I saw this comment on a Mertailer video:

    "My friend Nicholas from the jmb fx sent me my tail exactely like the ones from h2o, but he had not painted it, can you tell me what type of paint you used and how to use it.i really want to finish it. and sorry if i had sent to many comments that might be the same. your tails are so real and beautiful. keep up the good work.!! :*)"

    Here's my response:

    "I saw your post on the Mertailer's Video: I'm not Eric, but I think you might be confused. Eric's tails are full silicone, while the jmb fx tails are made of silicone, they have at least two layers of acrylic vacuum-formed scales individually adhered. So I would imagine anything that is water-proof that would adhere to acrylic. Unless of course your tail is un-scaled, then you would have to find out what type of silicone your friend used to make the tail, buy some, pigment it, thin it with lighter fluid and air-brush it on."

    Would this be accurate?

    Other than the obvious reasons, I'm calling BS on this because I don't think JMB would spend 2 days gluing plastic scales to an unpainted tail, that has to be painted before the scales are put on. It's ass-backwards! lol
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    I call BS on them too. If you look at all the comment for mermaid tail videos, there is always some random person bragging on how they have a H2O tail or spent 20,000 dollars on their special H20 tail... yeah, seriously, I've seen that comment! People are so full of it. If they really are telling the truth, then yeah, that's pretty much accurate.

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    thats good advice you gave.
    BUT what the other person said just doesnt really make sense to me. why would someone sell a finished tail that had to be painted underneath?

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    Those tails seem too hard to move in. :I

    But in a neoprene tail or something, it would be pretty epic to paint it, then put sheer iridescent round sequins all over it. 8D

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    Yeah no pun intended, but something seems fishy here. lol

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    heeeeeh... I just read that on the train to work and did a bit.of a peter griffin.... heeeeh..

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    I smell some bullshark?

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    You supplied some sound advice.
    However, I find what the other individual said to be really illogical. Why would someone offer a finished tail that required additional painting?

    geometry dash

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    Regarding your skepticism about the original commenter's claim, it's understandable to question the feasibility and practicality of gluing scales onto an unpainted tail. Your response appears to provide a reasonable explanation incredibox and suggestions based on the given information.


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