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Thread: Pledge To Reduce Seafood Consumption!

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    Pledge To Reduce Seafood Consumption!

    It's not big secret here that I am a strict Terrestetarian and, as I'm fond of saying, would rather drink chlorine bleach than eat any seafood, but I try to understand that not everybody shares my strong belief that for mers, Fish Are Friends, Not Food! That's why I'd like to post a suggestion for everyone here that's interested in helping the environment: if you enjoy seafood, please consider pledging to be a Semi-Terrestetarian, meaning cutting back on your seafood consumption to no more than once or twice a week, not counting things like trace amounts in other foodstuffs or fish oil supplements. Humans and other animals, yes even countless other sea creatures, have hunted fish and other sea life to survive since the beginning of time, but fairly recently the demand for fish flesh has gotten so out of control that the commercial fishing industry has resorted to unsustainable, inhumane, dangerous, and sometimes even illegal practices such as drift nets and bottom trawlers. What do you say, are any of you omnivorous mers out there willing to Pledge To Reduce Seafood Consumption?
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    I've recently stopped eating tuna. Bluefin tuna is what's really hot on today's seafood market, but it's being overfished to death. The species itself is close to extinction because of the ridiculous amounts of fishing. The season to catch tuna has been shortened due to this, but many fishing boats simply set up a corral in the open ocean and claim it's a farming vessel and that the fish they have are ones they caught during the season.
    Japan is especially guilty of this. But then again, many Asian countries, especially Japan, really don't care much about the ocean. Not to be racist, but they love to brag about their huge fishing industry. They whale out of season in international waters, outfish tuna out of season, and go on dolphin hunts constantly. Japan apparently supplies 80% of large aquatic parks like Seaworld their dolphins.
    Another thing, eating fresh caught fish removes the fish right from our oceans and often results in bycatch. Bycatch is anything that wasn't meant to be caught (starfish, corals, sharks, other species of fish), but they never throw it back. Farm raised fish are sometimes even worse. If they're not vegetarians or can be fed pellets or food substitute, WILD fish must be caught to feed them. So sometimes those are even worse at the same time.
    I used to LOVE seafood, well, I still do, but yea, I try not to eat it. I can't even remember the last time I had fish, so that's a good thing lol. Only problem is I loove it so. It's also very healthy for you! But still. I'd prefer the ocean to actually be around in a few years so it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
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    Thanks for responding Kanti, you brought up some very valid points! *mer-hugs* Yes, it's true that fish tends to be lower in calories and cholesterol than, say, beef and it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart, so compared to, say, beef, it honestly IS healthier overall. I'm not a vegetarian, so I'd be a total hypocrite if I encouraged ppl to cut out other animal proteins as well, but I will say that it never hurts to give veggie-friendly stuff like tofu and veggie burgers a try, you might like them ! I myself only eat beef once or twice a week, pork a couple times a month, and absolutely no veal or lamb EVER, with my biggest weakness being chicken, but even that I don't eat every single day.
    I think a valid concern that Raina(hope she doesn't mind me "dropping her name", hehe, this ain't no roast or anything!), who I have a lot of respect for and certainly knows what she's talking about and others have brought up is the fact that so many places are completely dependent on their fishing industry, so that encouraging people to give up or even just cut back on seafood could, yes, come off as quite naive and impractical, and putting my own personal beliefs before the economic welfare of others. I wouldn't wish even my worst enemy to lose their job, and I'm sorry if anybody is offended by my anti-seafood position, as it's not my intention to demonize the commercial fishing industry as a whole, and, yes, a lot of this comes from my personal feelings and nothing more.
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    i hate's smells rank. X___x and also beef which is a major thing for me. I tend to get quiet in public restaurants because i can't stand people who eat cows. I stopped eating out at 14. I also hate turkey. i hate the smell of it. It smells like they've put something in it. If i eat fish it is only the fish they actually help breed and migrate to later catch. Honestly , a mermaid i would rather help out the animals on land Humanity has figured out they need to let the fish breed just as they make cows breed to get more cows. The cow weighs more than me i would never think of eating something that weighs more than or even close to my weight! I also will rarely eat chicken. I believe i eat chicken once every 4- months. My grandmother and I both eat a lot of fruit...i am addicted to mango.But sometimes i have too much bread and green in my diet and i have to eat something other than the 2. So i eat fish because it's heather than eating a super cow or some weird thing scientists have made and cut. :'/

    All animals and people need our help! ;_;
    These people who eat cows don't even realize what kind of cow they are eating!! It's disgusting!

    And what about the pets of today! There are some crazy people out there who just don't realize what they are doing. dXbLf8nICEUjvzNE&feature=inbox

    I am pretty sure if we all use our mermaid powers to atleast make people think about what they are doing, what they are eating things will change!
    People don't ave to completely stop eating them they can atleaset stop being so main stream with their food and mix it up monthly.

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    Thanks for sharing, Saku! I agree that if people choose to eat fish, it helps a lot if they choose options that were harvested in a humane and sustainable manner, like you said.
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    My husband and I don't eat anything from ocean...we love it too much!

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    FAQ #1:
    *What sources of protein do you recommend people to eat instead of fish/seafood? How does more or less encouraging others to eat lots of red meat help the environment and people's health?
    In my opinion, the healthiest sources of protein are vegetarian ones like tofu, beans, soy products, and veggie burgers, followed by organic free-range poultry and maybe certain "game" meats. I'm not all high and mighty, I still treat myself to a McDonald's cheeseburger a couple times a month, and some barbecued pork at my favorite Chinese restaurant once a week at the most, but that's the end of my red meat consumption. I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the willpower to be a true vegetarian, but I'm aware of the terrible environmental impact and often abysmal animal welfare record of the factory farming industry, and try my best to exercise moderation with my favorite "guilty pleasure" foods, and I encourage y'all to try to do the same.
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    I decided to try and go mostly beef-free, at least for a while, even though I never ate it super-often. From now on, the main animal protein I'll eat is chicken(but even then not every day). I'm not picky about trace amounts though and I'll still treat myself to the occasional pepperoni pizza, which can contain all sorts of weird fillers, I know.
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