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Thread: Breaking WMA Info...

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    Thank you its gonna be awesome... I have surprises for everyone i cant say just show up!!!!

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    ahahahhahahahhahaaa geeez

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    I am a CLIENT! I booked an event!!!!

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    Thank Darlin. I am soo stressed trying to find a mermaid friendly pool that accepts kids in vegas. You know how many people wanted this to be a 21 and over event. I could have sold out BUT NOO and then the mer community throws me under a bus. I am in vegas., GEEEZ

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    This makes me sick!!!! I gotta find this on random groups crappy rumors. WOOOW

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    I want to copy paste my contact to show everyone!!! but i don't have to legally prove anything in forum.

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    Hi Sita. In regards to everything you have written I must say that I am now the one who is hurt and very appauled. You have disappointed me greatly.
    I have kept records of every conversation that you and I have had and not once have I ever put you down or been rude to you.

    For my fellow mers out there I would like to clarify the following:

    I have never at any point told the silverton we could "jump in their tank topless." I was asking them if we had access to their tank since I wanted a clear answer on this and Sita, you have made it sound in your update as though we did. Tanya Morgen, the coordinator at the Silverton, responded and said that we do not.

    I have never at any time told the Silverton that I am the new event planner. Sita, you did give me permission (I have our conversation saved as proof of this) to update your blog and create a new website for you since the current one had incorrect information on it and was causing confusion in the community.

    After recieving Tanya's email, you proceed to say some very rude and inappropriate things to me (again, I have our conversation saved and printed to prove this) and I tried my best to calm you down with no success.

    I am now beyond the point where I even want to paricipate in this "event." I will also point out that despite saying you will be emailing me and refunding me, you have yet to do either.

    All I have been trying to do this whole time is help. You have left things to the last minute, I understand not all of it can be helped, but you are not conducting yourself in a professional manner and I really don't appreciated all the false accusations.

    So far as the emails are concerned, I feel no shame in posting them exactly as they appear in my inbox:
    A copy of this email will be sent to Tanya at the Silverton Casino as well.

    .................................................. .................................................. ...............................

    Hi Tanya!

    My name is Courtney and I believe you spoke with my mother Jenny in regards to the World Mermaid Awards that will be taking place at the Silverton this month. I have recently started helping Sita out with a few things including the official blog and I am currently revamping the website which should be up soon.

    I know you and Sita have been in contact and I really need an update on the status of the events. I have been keeping in close touch with Sita, but I know she is really busy and I figured it would be best to go straight to the source before I go and post anything else on our website.

    I know you must be very busy so I'll try to keep my questions short and to the point!

    1. Is the event confirmed to be hosted at the Silverton Casino? If not what still needs to be done to confirm this?

    2. What are the details for the performers and where will they be performing on location?

    3. Is there a plan for where the vendors will be set up? If not, is there information you will be needing for this?

    4. Are there any restriction or limitations regarding the pool and or 117,000 gallon mermaid tank?

    Since I am now providing information to my fellow mermaids, I need to be absolutely certain that I have the correct information. If there is anything else you think I should know or you would like me to talk to Sita about, please feel free to let me know!

    I really appreciate your help with this!


    .................................................. .................................................. ...............................

    Hi Sita,

    Tried to leave you a voicemail but your mailbox is full. Please email me or call me asap. I am very concerned that you have posted the event on the website with times and dates that aren't available to the convention. We asked for the contract and credit card form to be left yesterday at your convenience. At this time we still haven't received either. We are willing to work with you but we will not proceed without the contract and the credit card form.

    Please clarify with your team and address this on your website. This is not confirmed until we have all items requested. .

    We have Veil Pavilion on hold for the trade show- 1 day, August 12, from 7a-7p. I need to know layout and what you need as far as set up for the vendors.
    Friday evening August 12, we have Sway on hold for you from 7p-11p. I need to know the timeline of events to support you with this event. This event cannot be extended.

    The aquarium is not available for any swimming or diving. Guest can take photos by the aquarium but that is all.

    All guest must be fully covered through out all events, private or not.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tanya Morgan

    .................................................. .................................................. ...............................

    So Sita, I will be expecting to hear back from you immediately if not sooner. I would appreciate a full refund and an appology for your inappropriate and unkind comments towards me.

    Thank you.

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    Man I need to remember to get some popcorn before reading this next time.
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    Um, it looks like a bunch of comments have been deleted by the time I got in here. Popcorn sounds good.

    The Silverton is one of his clients? What does that even mean?
    probably means he's had a mermaid there at one point or another.

    Thank Darlin. I am soo stressed trying to find a mermaid friendly pool that accepts kids in vegas. You know how many people wanted this to be a 21 and over event. I could have sold out BUT NOO and then the mer community throws me under a bus. I am in vegas., GEEEZ
    I forget you guys have to deal with 21+. Here it's 18 or 19+ depending on the province, and a lot of venues work super hard to be all ages. What a headache that must be too

    I really hope everyone can just move past everything and have a really good time at the WMA's
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    @Raina: I'm not sure if there were comments deleted or if Sita doesn't know how to use the forum interface (her comment time spacing suggests this).
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    it can be confusing because each individual post has a reply button but as far as I can tell it makes no difference whether you use that button or type at the bottom.

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    The Silverton was the Mertailor's client in that he sold/rented them a latex mermaid tail for their "Sway" advertisement (advertisement here). As I remember this was quite a while ago. That's as much as I know on that subject. Either way I think it was very wrong for him to spread rumors like that, especially since he is not even attending the event.

    Sita and Courtney- I think there is some miscommunications and misunderstandings going on here. I know this is and has been an EXTREMELY high stress situation, and that does not help things in the least. To someone on the outside it sounds like there were misunderstandings between you two and between Courtney and the venue, then that lead to further misunderstandings between the venue and Sita. Courntey I'm not sure what these inappropriate comments were that you claim were directed towards you in said emails, but keep in mind that high stress can do crazy things to people. Considering I think Sita is handling this as well as she can. However if you two still feel betrayed by the other just step back for a while and cool off. Going off at each other isn't going to help anything, and you may regret your words later. Just remember you guys are working on the same side. I genuinely hope you can work out these miscommunications and misunderstandings and reconcile.

    Since this topic was started based on a rumor and only stirring up more drama and misunderstandings here as well, I am closing it. Please discuss further WMA concerns in the other topic.

    Note to Sita- We are not trying to put you down in any way in these forums. We are merely observant and concerned people of the community discussing said concerns and observations of this event. We mean no disrespect- please do not take it personally.

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