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    Question: what type of paperwork/certifications should you have being a professional mer? I know you need model releases but I vaguely remember something about insurance? Also I remember people saying they are certified Mermaids? How does one get insurance and become certified?
    Exactly my question as well! What paperwork and stuff would I have to go through to be able to do things like parties?
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    HI Raina i have questions i think as to what constitute you as a professional mermaid. mean i considered myself a professional mermaid entertainer although I dont get paid for gigs, since I volunteer my time for it brings me so much joy, however i do have my website up and posted i am a entertainer for hire, i have appeared in several doc's and movie and currently appearing in another and also certified mermaid, wouldn't that make me a professional mermaid as well? I dont make a living as a professional mermaid like alot of you do, but none the less i feel that I am one. I just dont feel you need to be getting paid to be considered a professional mermaid there are many ways to entertain, just my thoughts appreciate your input as always i value your opion

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    Thanks Raina! I hope to get your book for Christmas

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    I did some vlogs I felt might go well in this thread!


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