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Thread: Merbellas Thread

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    that's awesome.

    It was Raven's birthday yesterday.

    I sadly didn't get to see her at all during my Florida trip because she is THAT level of swamped trying to make sure you all get your tails so rest assured she's working her tail off

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    Oh, happy late birthday, Raven!

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    Thanks, y'all!

    And happy belated birthday to Raven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folly View Post
    Hey y'all. Happy to announce I recently got a slot for a Merbella tail after the last opening they posted! It'll be my first silicone tail, and I've loved Merbella for years. Super excited.

    I sent in just a concept-- a tail inspired by red storms via the quote, "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."
    That concept/quote is going to be incredible as inspiration! I cannot wait to see what Raven comes up with for you based on that. Enjoy the journey!!

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