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Thread: Merbellas Thread

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    I've tried finding this information and cant seem to find it anywhere! I bought a mermaid tail from Raven years ago that was snug to begin with and have since had a child and it definitely doesnt fit now! Has anyone had their tail resized and know the price?

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    It would fall under her refurbishing, I remember seeing something somewhere, but I don't remember where that was.
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    Thank you! I'll try searching for that! I just dont want to bother her if I'm not going to have enough when I email her I know she is extremely busy

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    I am extremely in love with that second tail (brown/blue/black) in the set of two tails Raven posted 5 days ago:

    Is anyone on here the lucky mer who is getting that tail or do you know who is?

    Out of curiosity I've been wanting to know how much of the color scheme/design was decided on by the client or if this was a tail Raven had a lot of artistic freedom on.

    Either way, that tail is so lovely! Raven you are amazing!
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