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Thread: monofin retail

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    monofin retail

    ok, so mum wants to buy me a monofin for christmas, woo! but she has a block with online shopping...
    i remember some time ago there was information for a store that sells them in the melbourne cbd somewhere, but for the life of me i cant find the details anywhere.

    can someone help me out? its a diving supply shop i think, and does have a physical store with monofins in stock :S


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    I've not heard of anywhere in Melbourne that sells monofins (if you do - I'd sure like to know!) My recommendation would be the Oceanika website for their fins: Australian company, good quality product and fast, reasonable shipping. Failing that (if your feet happen to be larger than my plonky 9.5's) then Might I suggest ordering a monofin through Mermaid Shelly? She can arrange almost anything!

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    I guess I always just assumed there weren't any places with monofins here, and never thought to actually look! 5 seconds on Google haha. You might want to call them first to see if they have any in stock. But it's probably cheaper to get it online, by a considerable amount.

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