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Thread: I just finished my mermaid top! And check out this awesome sequins!!

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    I just finished my mermaid top! And check out this awesome sequins!!

    This is my first top to make, and my first real attempt at sewing haha. I can't wait to get my tail and sew the sequins onto it!

    Just wanted to share!

    Also, I am new to this website...and I need some mermaid friends! It's pretty sad right now because I have 0
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    Love those sequins! They'll look awesome on a tail. :-)

    (The top looks good, too. ;-P)
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    stunning job! Where did you get the big sequins?

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    gorgeous!! And it will absolutely gleam underwater!

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    Thank ya'll so much! I got the sequins from Mermaid Shelly, on Etsy. Here is the link to her shop:

    The sequins is 47mm, it is so big! I am stoked to have found it because I plan to sew all the sequins on my tail by hand.

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    I love it!
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    So pretty!!!
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    Love it!

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    oh yeah I forgot she's selling sequin tail kits, so smart!

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    She's actually been working on sewing them onto a tail all week. It looks pretty good on the tail too, They are just a bit big for my tastes
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    its very pretty. I actually do like the large sequins. makes it look more realistic in my mind. we are bigger creatures therefore we should have bigger scales. Good Job!

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    I've been looking forward to seeing those scales in action- nice job with the top<3

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    You all should check out Mermaid Shelly's Facebook page, she posted pictures yesterday of her tail she is working on with the large sequins. I think it looks awesome! I can't wait to get started on mine! Just waiting to receive it from Stephanie at Fish Butts

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    great job, you're pretty :-)

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    Hey didn't you make a sequinned tail with tiny ones too? I was JW which tail you prefer? I'm afraid if I use the big ones that it'll catch on to something easier and I'm clumsey and I'll ruin it lol

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    really neat i like the idea of a kinda sparkley mermaid cool and great job (im bad at socializing sorry)


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