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Thread: My Dissapointment with MerBerry

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    My Dissapointment with MerBerry

    Late October, I emailed Amanda of MerBerry tails to ask a few questions about her tails.
    She confirmed that they take 4 weeks to complete and she was accepting orders. She also told me she had begun using
    slip cast latex instead of Alex as well as a higher quality neoprene which I was happy about.
    I asked if she gives receipts. She said no but
    she could email me when she got my payment. I said yes please do.

    Oct. 25, 2012 I paypaled her in full and sent my design and measurements.
    Several days later, no response so I emailed her to make sure she got my payment and specs.
    She said "yes got payment"

    About a week later, I emailed to double-check the completion date and asked if she would send a photo
    where she planned to cut the monofin (if she hadn't done it already) so I could make sure it was like the design
    I wanted and not too much cut off of it.
    No reply

    Another week went by with no reply confirming the completion date of the original 4 weeks as promised.
    I emailed again asking for the completion date as I was planning to use my new tail for upcoming shoots in specific locations
    I would be traveling to.
    No reply

    I emailed again saying that if she could not guarantee the completion date, I would like a refund so I can purchase elsewhere or make it myself because I needed it in time for events.
    Then finally mid November, Chaz emailed me saying "sorry, everything is fine with your tail, we started on it and it will come in time, maybe just right after thanksgiving Nov. 26 due to the holiday shipping" Amanda also emailed me saying she would "send pics soon" and apologized that she was 'swamped with orders' and also worked a full time job aside from making tails so doesn't have much time for tail making.

    Several days went by and no pics were sent so I emailed again, saying if they started my tail and monofin, could they please send me pics.
    Several days later, Amanda emailed me this time saying "the truth is we are having problems with materials and the neoprene won't be in until next week"

    Now its late november, I emailed back upset that I was obviously lied to "if you don't have the neoprene how could you have started on my tail, Chaz said everything was fine and you started on it weeks ago ? "

    Then I decided to make a claim with Paypal for never recieving my product in time as promised.
    After contacting paypal, Amanda refunded me and apologized again.

    I don't want to be nasty. I know these things take time and perhaps some of the things were true but obviously not all of these claims were. I don't like being lied to. Had I known weeks ago that they didn't even have neoprene to start it and had NOT started my tail and it would NOT be completed in the 4 weeks I was promised, I would have canceled and demanded a refund earlier so I could make it myself or try to order from someone else.

    This wasted my time lying to me telling me it was started and would only be 1 day late, etc.

    Now its December and I don't have my tail. I should have had it for a trip I went on last week and didn't and I'm going on another trip Dec. 17th and am pretty sure now that I have to order supplies with such late notice, I won't finish it in time.

    Overall I'm very dissapointed. I told Amanda and everyone should know that don't make promises you can't keep and definitely don't lie to customers if you don't have their product or it won't be ready by a date you promised. Its bad business.

    From what I gather, it seems if you want a great tail you either need to be buddy-buddy with one of the tail makers or just make it yourself,

    In a related note, if anyone has experience/tips to give on making a latex tail with slip cast latex not Alex, please share. I've scoured the tutorials but they all seem to be the old ones referring to working with Alex and I've heard the slip casting is different...if there a tutorial out there for using the slip cast latex ?

    Thanks everyone,

    Mermaid Citrine

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    Well I don't know what slip cast it the same as the RD-407 used for mask-making? Mermaid Star has a whole thread about how she went about making her tail with videos and that's the latex she used. It's from MonsterMakers. It's pretty pricey, though. I started totaling up how much it would cost to make a tail the way she did, and I'm already at like $400 and the list isn't even complete. She said it cost her around $600 to make hers. Everything's so expensive. It stinks/:

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    I'm so sorry about your experience Very disappointing to hear. I was going to wait, but let me post something for you. I hope this helps you.
    Also check the Tailmaking Reference Index. Even though most people use ALEX you can use a lot of the same techniques for slip casting latex.

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    I'm sorry for your experience I am very glad to hear you got your money back though. I feel like this needs to go into the reviews. This story rubs me the wrong way...

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    I'm sorry to hear that, I've not been successful of getting hold of any body yet which is probably down to the holiday season so i will most likely be making my own. I saw the videos on youtube of morning stars latex tail which was very helpful That's part one Hope this helps
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I was also under the impression they were still using Alex because some photos of mers in their tails that I saw online (and shared in another thread) were starting to turn white.

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    I'm so sorry about that. I was considering ordering from Merberry until I decided just to save further for a silicone tail. It really sucks when something doesn't happen/is completed in time. =\

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    oh wow. I am so sorry to hear you had to go through all that.
    Merberry tails was on my list of tailmakers for a new tail since i haven't heard from FishButts in weeks
    but i'm sure they are busy. anyway i hope everything works out sweetheart.
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    Sorry about your experience with Merberry Hopefully you can get your tail soon!

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    I had Merberry reply to me, i'm going through the same thing as well, but i'm not in desperate need of it. Sorry to hear though .__.

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    Thanks everyone. Yeah, the main thing is I wish people wouldn't promise a time they can't do and then if weeks go by and they haven't even STARTED on it yet, they need to be honest with their customer who keeps asking them about the completion date and let them know it hasn't even been started and then give them a new guaranteed completion date even if its several months. It just wasted a whole month of me waiting when I could have done it myself...which I will do now with everyones' help especially Winged Mermaid's slip cast tutorial she just put up !! Thanks so much !! To clarify I am planning to use the layered method with the latex and not make any molds. I don't want it to be too heavy/bulky just enough latex to get a raised scale texture. What really bugged me about this too, is after my experience and just the other day, Merberry posted on their facebook "Get your orders in by monday for christmas delivery" I commented on the status "how are people going to get tails by christmas just ordering in the beginning of December when I ordered my tail in late October and am not getting it by Christmas time ? " I don't know if my comment is still there, but that didn't make sense to me. Even after she said she was having trouble with materials, I asked for a new updated completion date (if beyond the original 4 weeks out) and never got a reply as to an updated completion date...which just made me feel like I might never get it so that's why I went for the refund through paypal. Okay now to order supplies...

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    Sorry to be negative but now you've had a full refund I doubt that they will bother fullfilling the order

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    She did the same thing to me! Took my money and then did not answer my messages for weeks. I finally filed a claim with paypal to get my money back. 2 weeks after that, she messages me that she's sorry and has refunded my money.

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    I just want to let you know that Slip cast latex is very watery. RD-407 is a slip cast latex. Slip casting is like slush casting. You really need a mould for it is really look nice. You might be able to do it if you coat the neoprene in the latex to make a barrier (so it doesn't continue to soak through the neoprene) and then build up from there, but this will be difficult to use the same Alex style with slip cast latex. But, please, if you manage to make it work, be sure to document and put up a thread on how you did it!

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    That's odd ._. Really blue? She said she just started painting mine

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    to Lois:
    Ha ha..that's not negative! No, no I wasn't expecting to still recieve it after getting a refund but I can see how I may have made it sound that way. To clarify before asking for the refund and filing a claim with paypal, I asked repeatedly for an updated completion date and never got one so it just bugged me to see her guranteeing a date (Christmas) on facebook because I thought it unlikely based on my experience that people ordering now would get their tail by the time promised (Christmas) Before filing the claim I gave her many chances to give me an updated completion date, even though I would not have had in time for my trips, I was still considering keeping my order but with no response and no expected time given I felt it was too risky and something shady was up

    Star: thanks for the tips...I've just had a very hard time finding latex thickener. I'm going to post a detailed thing about what I just ordered on Iona's new tutorial for 'slip cast latex' Thanks

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    For those going to make your own tails with the slip casting... You wont have to worry about latex soaking through the neoprene because actual neoprene is basically a sheet of rubber with a thin fabric on one or both sides... if it does not have a layer of rubber (it will be black) then what you have is neoprin (spacer), which is a VERY cheap alternative to neoprene. Neoprin does not hold up well and continues to stretch and stretch.

    If you'd like, I made a thread comparing the two. You can find it here
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    You wont have to worry about latex soaking through the neoprene because actual neoprene is basically a sheet of rubber with a thin fabric on one or both sides...
    But Star is speaking from actual experience making a tail with real latex + neoprene. She's got videos of it all documented in her thread.

    To the whole Merberry thing, I'm always careful when people ask me about tail makers I've never ordered from. Everyone wants to know in my opinion are they a good choice etc. I get asked a lot about Merberry and all I can say is I have never ordered from them, they use alex plus so buyer beware, and that I've seen some of the alex plus issues already on FB

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    Raina, I think she upgraded to urethane. She posted a few images on another thread. Could you verify that it's urethrane?

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    Raina, I think she upgraded to urethane. She posted a few images on another thread. Could you verify that it's urethrane?
    I don't know how I'm supposed to verify that? I know she was posting asking questions about using urethane here but no one has really dabbled in it on the forum. I can only verify alex plus because that's what she's publicly said, and what I've seen. If she's changed materials, you'd have to hear that from her.


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