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Thread: My Dissapointment with MerBerry

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    Those images are just of test swatches. That doesn't mean she's selling urethane tails now.
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    Yeah her Facebook just says latex for now. Also, there's other posts on there with people saying they haven't heard from her in a while.
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    Hence, why i said "i think." i'm not worrying about it though.

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    Hi everyone, I own a merberry tail.
    I thought i'd share my experience here as well since I can't find a reviews page- just so everyone gets all the info possible on Amanda and her tail ordering process :-)
    It did take me quite some time to get my tail (a little over two months), but honestly I was in no rush at all for one, so I didn't mind waiting.
    I'm a very patient person when it comes to projects like this, knowing Amanda is working mostly by herself with little assistance and working a full time job (she has mutual friends of mine, so i know she isn't using it as an excuse)
    My tail was delayed due to material shortages as noted with others, but she was always able to keep me updated. I could tell during the process she was swamped, just by reading her FB page regarding orders and the language/frequency of the e-mails I sent her. I kind of decided to back off and let her do her thing, the last thing i wanted to do was rush her which could have resulted in a tail I wasn't happy with.
    I gave her obsessive measurements, and some color examples- knowing her paint jobs are so beautiful I told her she had a lot of creative freedom...just make my tail a beautiful pink/gold dream! haha she was always extremely responsive to my e-mails. customer service was fine.
    she posted a photo of my finished tail on FB and I couldn't have been more excited. perfect!
    This is where a kind of problem came in:
    Amanda and I live very close to one another- we had agreed in initial emails to meet up in person for the tail delivery to save costs and energy of shipping. I got a call from my family in orange county (one of the addresses I have listed in my paypal account) that I had a package waiting for me at the house from Merberry. I thought maybe she had sent it by mistake, no biggie. I went to go pick it up, upon opening i noticed something right away. the tail that was neatly packaged in the box (with an adorable little 'gift box' included with sea shells, business cards and free soap samples) was red. not the baby pink i saw on FB. after pulling it out i realized that this tail was another tail she had posted on FB earlier in the week, a red and gold one. it was stunning, just not mine. to be honest i wasn't upset about not getting my tail- i was more concerned that someone else was missing their tail.
    Amanda was out of town as stated on FB so i knew it would be hard to contact her about it, but i left her several emails and messages to let her know I had someone's red and copper tail safely stored in my home and that I'd be more than willing to swap them out in person.
    She emailed me back a couple days later apologizing for the mix-up- hey these things happen right? I wasn't upset. we set a date for the switch, but unfortunately both of us have crazy hectic schedules (i'm a full time performer and bounce from gig to gig) and kept having to reschedule until Amanda finally asked if i could just ship it back to her- and unfortunately I was out of town for the next month or so that wasn't going to happen. i felt awful for the client who was waiting for her tail, but hey, there was nothing either of us could have done. I feel like i was being very patient and understanding in the situation- i only hope the other client was as well.
    A few weeks ago Amanda and I finally managed to meet up- she hand delivered my tail to my apartment. she was very apologetic and I was very impressed that she made the effort to deliver the tail in person to apologize. it was in perfect condition, and fit like a glove. I love it and everyone i show it too is thoroughly impressed with the workmanship. I have yet to take it in the water, so I can't vouch for swimming or wet-feel, but for a dry reference- it's wonderful.
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    Now my situation was obviously unique, and I am a uniquely patient person. I know most people maybe would've taken the situation a little differently and maybe would've been disappointed or upset with Amanda's services and probably would have reacted a lot more negatively than I....and that would have been totally understandable. I wouldn't have judged anyone for doing so- but I personally was never upset, i trusted Amanda and wanted to give her a chance as a new promising tail maker.
    But my experience wasn't awful- if i had needed the tail ASAP for something i probably would have gotten a little more upset...but to be honest, I have my tail now, I love it, the workmanship and detail are wonderful (which maybe wouldn't be the case if it was rushed) and can now use it for gigs regularly.I would recommend Amanda to anyone needing a tail- just maybe not if they have a time constraint :-)
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    you actually just start a new thread for your own review here -->

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    Hi all! I'm new here. I'm from the Netherlands and just found out about this network. I ordered the tail Ashleyematthews got. I ordered my tail in August, and got the note it was shipped in September.. After not hearing from her for a while I finally got the awnser that my tail got mixed with someone else's. Since the mixup she responded fast on all the messages I send her. Communication was quite good. She did an amazing job on the paintjob. (I finally received my tail today!) Although it fits well, the seems at the top on one side is loose (about 3" is loose) and worst thing, the monofin used doesn't fit. My feet are too big for them (I have shoe size 9). It actually hurts trying to get my feet in them. =( I messaged her right away, so I'm waiting for a reply now. I'm really new to this whole mermaid thing so any tips are welcome. =)
    But not to be all negative, because I love my tail! I ordered a belt from Merbella's so as soon as that arrives I will have an underwater fotoshoot with it. (after the monofin thing is fixed).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    you actually just start a new thread for your own review here -->
    i wasn't sure if there was an established Merberry one yet and didn't want to create a duplicate just in case!

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    Forget all the tail makers--looks like you ended up making a gorgeous tail of your own. Plus it's more fun, right?

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    Hi, I thought I'd just add something in here:
    I have been interested in ordering one of Merberry's tails and decided to inquire about her choice of materials. She said she does use ALEX in her tails. She also isn't selling any type of urethane tail yet from what I can find. I do wish she did though, as I'd be much more inclined to buy a urethane tail... her paint jobs and fluke texture on her tails look so pretty!


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