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Thread: Introducing...MerNation!

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    That tail is so wonderful on you<3 They did such an amazing job. I will be sure to follow you on FB ^_^

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    Love the tail dottie. I'm so happy for you!
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    You have alot of monofins!

    Pretty you! <3 <3

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    Thanks, you guys! This is really the best community ever.
    @Ariel, the rapid and the foil are my husband's. We got them so he could train for his tail. The wave is for me.

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    Your tail came out beautifully! And I love that tail-slap you do in the video, your fluke has gorgeous movement!

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    ah you look perfect in it! Congratulations!

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    Aloha MerNation, beautiful tails you mermaids make (:
    ​ MerLove & Light, xoxo Mermaid Aubrie

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    seriously,I'm happy for you! it's incredible! I love these colors,and the design it's beautiful! All the little dots are so cute
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