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Thread: Coming Soon: GLOW IN THE DARK Tails

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    I think I actually like the idea of having it glow in parts better than having a fully glow tail And yeah I know what you mean, the process of making one seems awfully complicated, and I have never done anything like this before, but I really think it is worth a try at least. Even if I fail miserably at least it will be an experience that I will no doubt learn a lot from

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    Well good luck. If you have a knack for it you could always start your own business lol

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    Yeah who knows! I don't know if I have the space to do all that much tail making though, but if I end up being good at it I'm sure I might be able to take a few commissions here and there. I'm relying on my general artistic talent to get me through this overly ambitious undertaking. Artsy stuff is the one thing I am actually good at so here's hoping

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    Wow! So coral!
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    Definitely posts some pic's when you're done.

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    I am going to do a tailmaking journey posts with lots of pics and stuff of how I made it and everything once I get started. Of course this idea is only a few days old but I am really excited to try it

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    I'm excited to see it! Good luck I'm sure you'll do well, I believe there's lots of posts about how to do it on here too.

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    Yes I have been reading about it pretty much non-stop over the past three days I think it is doable, as it doesn't seem to require any insane industrial equipment costing thousands of dollars or anything like that. So it is kind of semi-within reach, hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    Well it's not a wallmart thing, but here's a few examples: (specifically used for pigmenting silicone) (specifically for platinum silicone) (specifically for silicone)

    As you can see, prices range from 5-20$ a container depending on the manufacture, and up to 40$ for extra large containers (which would probably be more what would be used on a tail, 1-2 of them per colour). So it really shouldn't affect the price on tails in my opinion. Perhaps a tiny nominal fee.
    Raina, I'm looking into pigmenting glow-marks on the Delphine tail so it looks more like an opal. Shimmer pearl base with opalescence, like these little guys:

    Name:  directional-flash.jpg
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    THANK YOU for sharing this! Before I only had 1 place, so now I have more pigmentation options. Phew!

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    my tail has glow-in-the-dark spots. ^_^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Dottie View Post
    my tail has glow-in-the-dark spots. ^_^
    Thats cool! do you have pics?
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    I wanna see! I am making mine with glowing parts too ^_^

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    Mermaid Dottie, I concur with the others! Do you have photos?! My glow spots will be splotchy-looking, to resemble the flashes of opal. I'd love to see your tail! ^__^

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    OMG i could be like.. a radioactive fish!!!

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