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Thread: Coming Soon: GLOW IN THE DARK Tails

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    I think its a good idea (and you know that other tail makers will figure it out at some point and start making them). I'm half and half right now. I think it would be cool to own one that glows in the dark but then again, I don't exactly have the need for one. Like someone said earlier it can't be totally dark because we would hit walls etc if we couldn't see. And yes they are going to be pricey.

    I like the idea better of having a necklace or an orb or something for pictures that glows. I like the idea of having a picture taken under water of a mermaid having a glowing orb in her hands and staring into it. That would be really cool.

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    Given that Hannah is a recent customer of his and the fact that she seems really psyched about this particular type of tail, I bet she ends up with a full MVD glow in the dark tail soon. I'm gonna call it now.
    She made her tail, he just made a silicone dorsal fringe to go with it. I think there was a lot of confusion when she posted it.

    and you know that other tail makers will figure it out at some point and start making them)
    Other tail makers already have, for a while. It isn't anything revolutionary in my opinion, simply because the pigment companies have been selling the stuff all along.

    And yes they are going to be pricey.
    They shouldn't be. The glow-in-the dark pigments don't cost any different than the regular pigment. It's just like a colour choice.

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    Oh i am sorry raina. I figured that it would have been a special pigmant that would make it glow. I know that you can get the "puffy" paint that glows at walmart but I didn't think that it was relatively the same price as far as what MVD would be can you imagine him going to walmart and dumping all the GITD puffy paint into a cart? lol

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    OMG! So awesome! I want a glow in the dark tail! Night swimming!! lol :Yay:
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    Well it's not a wallmart thing, but here's a few examples: (specifically used for pigmenting silicone) (specifically for platinum silicone) (specifically for silicone)

    As you can see, prices range from 5-20$ a container depending on the manufacture, and up to 40$ for extra large containers (which would probably be more what would be used on a tail, 1-2 of them per colour). So it really shouldn't affect the price on tails in my opinion. Perhaps a tiny nominal fee.

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    Shall have to see the finished product in all its splender really.
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    That is actually pretty easy to do as long as you are painting your tail. I know that you can get Glow in the dark fluid/paint that you can mix into your silicone to make this happen. Perhaps I will add this to my silicone tail when I finally make it. I had a need for it during my first water gig. It was at night and they had to add lights on surf boards for people to see that we were mermaids in the pool. A glow in the dark tail would have been perfect for this gig!

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    Oh, I know Hannah made her sequin tail. I just think she might be in to collaborating on a different type (aka, silicone) tail and MVD would be the person to go with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mermaidandrea View Post
    MUY MUY Mer Gusta!!

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    Re: Coming Soon: GLOW IN THE DARK Tails

    I just wanted to mention that glow-in-the-dark these days may not be what you were around growing up (glowing ceiling stars etc). I do not know know what type the tailmaker on the original post is using (and I would recommend asking before ordering), but this new glow-in-the-dark material is based on strontium aluminate and is about 10x brighter and longer lasting (also about 10x more expensive).

    I made a "mer lantern" with glowing rocks out of styrofoam painted with this stuff (from glonation) and they glow all night long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    well when it really comes down to it, and I don't say this to cause drama, just pointing it out, he did publicly state a few times he only takes orders from specific people.
    ^ Meaning that he has a specific customer pool? Or what? Because I'm surely hoping that I can get a tail from him in the future!
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    Meaning that he has a specific customer pool? Or what? Because I'm surely hoping that I can get a tail from him in the future!
    Essentially yeah, there was a bit of a thing about it on FB which turned into a thread on here as well. I was ignored when I had cash and he was taking orders again. So were several others, so someone point blank asked him on his page and he made a statement about it. I'm not sure if he's STILL that way, even if he's not I think he still takes on tails very selectively 1 at a time or so cuz he has a full time job and school as well.

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    "mike you should be awarded a noble piece prize for the mermaid tails!!"


    Anyway, I think that the swatches look REALLY cool and I would love to see more. I can't wait.

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    Neat! I think it would be cool to have a few random glow in the dark scales on your tail, but I'm not sure if I'd want a full glow in the dark one... unless I was doing a cyber-goth mermaid... Oh wait! That would be kind of cool >.>
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    WOW!!! I need a glowing tail in my life!!! that would be the most amazing thing ever! I really hope to be able to make myself a silicone-type tail, and having it glow would just make it even more awesome. I bet it would be really costly though

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    I believe he has more pics of it on his facebook now.

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    Oh my goodness, I am going to look now! I do so love his work! My hair glows too (blacklight reactive hair dye ) it would be amazing to have a tail to match, although if it is blacklight reactive it wouldn't be much use without blacklights, but the house I am living in at the moment has a pool out the back, so maybe I could somehow get blacklight lamps or something put out there. I wonder where he gets his glowing pigments from? If I do eventually end up making myself a silicone tail like I want to I would love to get mine to glow, so long as it wouldn't be outrageously expensive, since making a silicone tail would already be outrageously expensive and much more than I could realistically afford at the moment (time to save up!)

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    Yea I'm saving up to buy a silicone tail, I would love a glow in the dark one if it wouldnt affect the colors I picked out for my tail. I've seen a lot of glow in the dark stuff that glows really well but in the light it's an awkward color...

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    Yeah you are right about that, but I just looked on his facebook page and his UV reactive tails look amazing in the light You could always just have a tail that glows in parts too, that would be cool too. Are you going to make one or buy one? I am thinking I am going to try and make one, as there would be no way I would ever be able to afford to buy one, and plus it would be amazing to have one I made by myself, something I could be really proud of

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    That's a good idea about only glowing in parts I like it. Buy, there is no way I could ever make one. lol It may take me forever to save up enough but atleast that will give me plenty of time to perfect my design. lol

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