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Thread: Sparkly mermaid boobs

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    WOW @.@ now thats an awesome looking mer photo :3 my hats off XD

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    Very nice! As soon as I saw this I thought, "Holy awesomeness! New goal: Get ProsAide and cover my boobs in pearls!" Yeeeeeeees. *plots* In case you guys haven't figured it out, I love pearls on all of my mermaid stuff- pearls and abalone are my mer weaknesses.

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    Nicely Done Raina!
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    That's gorgeous! Very beautiful Raina! I would love to try something like that for a photo shoot one day!

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    Wow that is very cool Raina that I really like and very cool.

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    Hahah woah That looks so cool
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    Love it! you do "topless" so tastefully!
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    Oooooh, sparkly! I can honestly say, Raina, that your bejeweled boobs are probably the only ones I've stared at for any length of time in years (in a strictly aesthetic manner, of course). ;-)


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