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    Love it!

    I just got arm gauntlets and a top to match my Shell tail. This tail is high quality, it is neoprene covered in fabric. It is perfect to take along any trip as it packs easily, and I can carry it anywhere when I do not have others to help me carry my tails (especially my siliconed ones when wet). Mine has a belt which comes in handy as I can fluctuate in weight especially after all the holiday feasting It fits in my suitcase with my large purple tail and my newest white sequined one, giving me three options of tails on my trips! It swims very well and doesn't bag with water as I've seen other silicone-free tails do. It is so light that I was able to climb rocks with it to take some amazing pictures as I don't travel with people who would be able to carry my heavier tails up those rocks for me. Shelly knows what she is doing and I trust her to give me what I need, at the time I need it, and to be professional as well as a friend. I can't post my pix on here, but please take a look at her tail on my FB page on Mermaid Bonnie

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    Wow looks lovely. How was your Australia trip?

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    Thank you Still here and swam in this tail today. Got to follow some pretty little fish around, I think they're attracted to my gold sequins So cute! I even got to pet one.


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