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Thread: FishButts Taking One Tail Order Now!

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    Exclamation FishButts Taking One Tail Order Now!

    As Stevi wanted me to tell you guys since she's updated the new site (go see)

    She is currently taking ONE Order***

    It can be either partial or full silicone and you are ready to make the order. BUT it cant be a rush order. Email its a first come first serve.

    *****Order has been taken!*****Sorry guys, i'll keep you updated.
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    Good for her!
    I often worry about her workload bogging her down.
    It's like getting your tail caught in some seaweed. Thrash hard against it, and it's only going to get more tangled. The less seaweed, and the more carefully you can go, the better.
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    If I only I had the money to grab that...oh well, good luck to the mer who does!
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    Fingers crossed that means she is creating my daughters tail? Paid for one the start of Dec 2012

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    she's been working hard and getting on track, from what i hear should be another 2-3 weeks till ALMOST tails are completed and done. And she'll be taking more orders.

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    Yay! Hopefully I will have enough saved to order by then.

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    Because I couldn't go on a trip I had saved my money for and have quite a bit of money saved up, I actually think I might be able to order one...yay!
    Mermaid Jewel

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