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Thread: What happened to Jesse?

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    What happened to Jesse?

    I haven't seen him anywhere. Is he making tails right now, or...? He doesn't post on his Facebook and his website never seems to be updated. I'm just kind of curious about where he's been, really.

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    good question! He must be a very busy man or....
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    He is making tails like a mad man, and he took a holiday vacation in Florida

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    Yep.. I spoke to him before he headed back home. He has alot of tails to work ok.. He is still around.. He got popular really fast!!!

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    He sure did! :b I'm glad he's doing okay.

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    Working my tail off!

    Had a death in the family, and issues with mono fins tearing flukes. Both of which have put me a bit behind schedule.

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    Awww Jesse, I'm so sorry.

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    I'm glad business is booming, and I'm sorry for your loss.

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    Sending comforting thoughts your way, Jesse!

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    I'm sure you'll get the monofin issue worked out fine. I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my brother a year ago, so I feel you.
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    You mean like tearing along the edge of the monofin? I always wondered if that would happen.

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    Oh no,Jesse,I'm sorry for your loss…I send to you an oversea hug! I'm glad business is going very well!
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    I know this thread isn't recent, but i'm not sure if I should post in a new thread or just make a comment here as it has to do with the same subject. I made a payment for a tail 6 months ago to Jesse because I heard his communication with his costumers was great, But in the last six months I've had zero contact despite the numerous messages I've sent hoping for an update. I know he made a post on facebook saying he was busy with work in may, but has anyone had any contact with him recently?

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    you havent heard anything in 6 months?? I know christian had a really hard time getting a hold of him too sorry

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    I got a message from him a few days ago since I will be needing to get my tail taken in. I know he is also working at a rollercoaster park.

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    Yeah, after the payment he hasn't said anything, I tried to email him as well. I'm not sure what to do, this was supposed to be my first tail... I did my research about him on here and everything about him was positive so I figured it would be safe to buy from him. I'm hoping I haven't been scammed, he seems to be a trusted part of mernetwork but I don't know... If anyone can give me some advice on what to do it would be very much appreciated!

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    Don't worry. He will not scam you. Try him on Facebook maybe? Just keep messaging him..put in subject payment sent. But you know he won't start on tail until full payment is received.

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    He wont scam you but I know that Christian waited a really long time with no contact and is waiting for his second one now too.

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    I tried him on facebook, where we originally spoke and then recently tried email but no luck. I made the full payment, plus shipping. If you mers think its alright then I wont worry so much, thanks for reassuring me, Ill just wait it out.

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    If you're really worried maybe try sending a physical letter to the address listed on his Facebook?


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