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Thread: First tail - I think I'm in over my head! (No pun intended)

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    First tail - I think I'm in over my head! (No pun intended)

    Hi fellow Merpeople!

    I new to the forum, new to tail making, etc. But as is my usual way of doing things, I decided to dive right in and give it a try (I'm just full of puns, aren't I?) I decided to use Mermaid Raven's tutorial as my starting point...I collected all my supplies and set to work. I was going to do the metal grate stamping thing, but couldn't find the right kind. So I got fish net for the scales. I am at the point where I have the net down, I slathered it with Alex caulk, and I let it "cure" for a few hours. I tried to remove it, but when I did, it started to tear the caulk right off the neoprene. Should I let it dry even more? I thought maybe I would have to leave the net right in the caulk, but I don't think it would be a good idea. I don't now how to get it out without tearing everything up.

    Any ideas, suggestions, something I should be doing differently? There wasn't a whole lot of "detail" in the tutorial as to how to "spread" the Alex on (I used a sponge paint brush for the first thin layer, then on the second go around when I put the net down, I used a wide putty knife to spread the Alex sort of like frosting - Is this the best way to do it?)

    Thank you for your help!
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    The picture makes it look like you did a very nice job! I would think that the caulk coming off would mean that you let it dry for too long though. However, I haven't used Raven's tutorial so I could be wrong.
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    hm, i had the same problem when making my silicone swatches, the netting fibers tend to bind with the drying rubber. go ahead and take off all of the netting, and the latex that goes with it. it is a waste of latex, but i'd personally rather save my neoprene than my latex (latex is readily available at hardware store, neoprene usually needs to be ordered).
    once the netting is off, smooth the remaining latex on the tail and start over.
    when i made my latex tail, i probably did nearly seven different scale stamps before i felt like i did it correctly - you should be fine after you remove the netting. if you continue to use netting as your stamp, just remove it at half the time you did before. periodically check on it, if the latex is getting stiff or like a thick paste, REMOVE IMMEDIATELY! I hope this helps!

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    Melbel - got your post, ran out and pulled off the netting, good thing I did too, because it was hellacious getting it off! Totally tweaked my latex job....interesting effect, LOL!

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    Honestly, If you fill in around that, it'll look really awesome and unique! I like the "random patches of scales" look.


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