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Thread: What to expect with your first tail

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    ^^ With my fabric tail, I roll down (or push down, if it's wet) the fabric, then take off the monofin because I can now see my feet. With Fin Fun tails, you can actually push down with one foot and get the other free (in the monofin), then do the same for the other foot, and then kick out of the tail, but that's for underwater situations, usually.
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    I prefer unhooking my foot straps with my ankles first, then wiggling out of my tail and pushing it off at the same time. It is really worth it to regularly practice removing your tail in the water as quickly as possible, so in case of emergency you know what to do and what to expect. I will actually go to the bottom of the deep end to practice this. This is feasible with fabric and neoprene tails, ' however I haven't had the chance to try with a full silicone tail.

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    Awesome, thanks for the tips. Someone should make a video about it, and for silicone tails as they seem be the trickiest.

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    Thanks for making this thread! I'm getting my first tail soon so it's very helpful.

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    Thank u to who ever made this post I am trying to save up for my first silicone tail this really helps
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    lol this post is 6 years old folks


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