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Thread: White vs Water

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    White vs Water

    So I am starting to design my Mersona and dream tail as well as looking into wigs and accessories. I really love how much things pop against white and I want to go with a mostly arctic Sona. Meaning I want a white tail with blue and green and purple accents and a mostly white wig.

    but I am reeeeeally scared about how the water could effect white things. As I am in Arizona with no ocean to swim in and only gross ass lakes to choose from, the largest part of my swimming will be done in chlorinated pools. So. Is white a bad idea?
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    White is only a bad idea when taking into thought the fact that white turns translucent when wet. Other than that I see no reason why you shouldn't go with white

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    I'm in AZ too. I feel your pain. There are some natural beautiful swimming spots, but they're not exactly easy to get to. As for white, the only problem I can think of from a costume pov is exactly what Momo said. If you can account for the sometimes-sheerness of white, then do it! I've seen some beautiful examples of white tails. What materials are you using? Chlorine is going to be harsh on pretty much everything, but as long as you rinse the tail well, you should be able to make it last, even if it's fabric.

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    I would suggest lining your tail if you're going with fabric, that can help with how see through white is. If you're going to be swimming in pools then white should be fine. I would be wary of any natural water though, I used to have a white fabric tail and it eventually turned slightly yellowish from swimming in a lake so often.
    Also keep in mind that some materials will yellow over time as they age. Once again, not trying to persuade you against it, just something to think about when choosing materials. I think an Arctic tail would be super gorgeous and unique.

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    So I have a fabric white tail. White vs. water is not something I totally thought through.
    Yes it goes translucent. Not totally transparent, but you can definitely see your skin underneath.
    I used a simple four way stretch nylon, but I am sure if you used something thicker, like swimsuit/wetsuit material, or neoprene, it wouldn't be as noticeable.
    Or have a simple lining. Even doubling up your fabric would work.
    I've attached a photo of mine, after editing of the photo. You can still see my black (poorest choice, I know) underwear but it honestly isn't that noticeable when swimming.

    I will second what MermaidRaegan said about natural water though. I have now swam in my tail a total of 5 times (once in chlorine) and it has started to discolour. Mostly along the front panel (right in front of my thighs) and along the back seam. I always wash mine ASAP after swimming to help, and haven't yet used a stain remover (too scared of washing of the foil print).

    I have always had a white tail in my head as a mermaid. Always. I say GO FOR IT!

    That all being said, it's very striking in the water, and reflects of EVERYTHING. It is so magical to swim in white. My folks said it looks very 'otherwordly', which is good!
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    White vs Water

    I have a yellow Magictail pro and it's quite sheer. I wear mine with silver metallic leggings (you can find online for $10). They're opaque plus reflective which takes care of the sheerness so you can't see my skin/bikini. Gives me a little extra warmth and makes it quick and easy to slide the tail on and off. I also have a special Brazilian bikini (thong type, no strings) that I wear under my tails to avoid VPL. And with the silver leggings I don't have to worry about anyone seeing my teeny bikini when I get in/out of my tail I also have a pair of grey socks for when I use my Magictail skin on my Mahina merfin, but they're thin so it still rubs a bit, going to have to find some light colored neoprene booties...

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