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Thread: Phoenix? Any other mers here?

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    Phoenix? Any other mers here?

    I'd love if there were other Mers either here or in Tucson. But mostly in Phoenix. Cuz that's where I am. I got most of the stuff to make my realistic tail (except the paint) and it would be LOVELY if there were others here to get together and swim in either a pool or lake. So, anyone?

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    you know me so far and i know there is one somewhere in mesa and scottsdale.

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    I know I know you silly-tail. Hopefully we can find more people to swim with. I'm gonna have to have you help me with my tail. I'm scrapping mine and starting over when I get the money.

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    what?! keep it for now! thats alot of work. im sorry. it is rather difficult
    come find Mermaid-Odette on facebook!
    my website is here

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    It's not even worth keeping it. I tried to fix it and ended up screwing it up even more. Now it doesn't even fit me. I need the funds to start a new one. I started a donation page on paypal. So hopefully I can get the money eventually. :/

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    I am in scottsdale/Paradise Valley area! <3

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    Really?! Let's swim! And go down to Tucson so we can hang out with Odette! Lol

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    My Lovely mer-sisters I am the resident Mermaid of the valley of the sun YMCA! Currently I swim at the YMCA in chandler but the YMCA pushes me around the valley to do events lol so I have all access to almost every YMCA in the valley. so defaintly hit me up some time would love to meet the other mers of my community. I would love some mers to swimm with I can even set us all up for a mermaid party at the YMCA were we can swim together lol here's my facebook info!
    I would love to meet up with ya'll and swim with other mers!
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    I'm in the Phoenix Area, just outside of Mesa. I'm new to things here, but the more I look into it the more I am falling in love with it. Already thinking about making my own tail once I have some free time.

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    I'm in eastern Mesa! I've also thought about going to some YMCAs after I've gotten my tail, but for now I'm just a gym member. XD

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    I am in Gilbert, I am in the process of trying to make a new tail, as my old ones fluke is too small for my liking XD But I am always looking for new friends to swim with! It seems like this thread has been quiet for a few years x.x I am joining the facebook group to hopefully find some more merfriends.

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    I haven't been on mernetwork for a while, I am now in Yuma, but come to Mesa all the time to see my family

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    ME ME ME!! I am in north phoenix, and just starting out on my mermaid adventure! I would LOVE to meet some of you!

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    I live out in Suprise but work in Phoenix and go to GCU during the school year! Would love to meet other mers!

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    Hello mer-folks! I live in Maricopa and been doing my mer-life for a few months now. I'd love to join you all in a play date. Is there one already set and location?! Also I'd love to have more mer-peeps to talk to besides my salt sea pirate of a husband. Please send me word!!!

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    I am in the heart of Phx just starting out on my first tail... Started with just my monofin last year.

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    I am up in flagstaff! There is one other mer up here and one in Kingman as well. If you check out Facebook, we have an as merpod group that does swim meets!
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    I'm not sure if this would be a necropost, but I'm also in Phoenix! Where are some good swimming pools, around Peoria? I've looked, but all the public pools are at high schools, and they're only open during summer.

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    Hi! I know I'm late to this party, but I'm in East Mesa!

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    I'm over in Goodyear.

    A question, has anyone organized a local Phoenix Meetup for Mers? Maybe dinner some night in a local seafood restaurant?


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