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Thread: I've been sooooo busy since this happened

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    I've been sooooo busy since this happened

    Check it out guys. Ever since I had that interview for the paper, people have been coming to see me at the Radisson Hotel in my city. Well I just hit the front page of the local newspaper yesterday, and now my morning routine has been destroyed.

    Usually I wake up between 7 and 8am to let my dog out, and then I go back to sleep. Well now I've been getting calls upon calls and emails upon emails of people asking for gigs, relatives calling to congratulate me, and people posting all over the social networks telling me how cool I am. Apparently Duluth is in love with me.
    So I haven't been able to go back to sleep like I usually do! Morning routine is no more!

    Anyways. I'm gonna be so busy. I need to hire an assistant. ugh.

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    wow.. do you have an agenda? you're gonna need it... >_>;

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    Wow, your tail looks gorgeous on you in that photo. Congratulations, and hopefully your schedule will even out! I sometimes wish I didn't live in Florida where mers were as popular here, because then I feel like there wouldn't be as much competition if I get into it when I'm older.

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    No complaining! Some of us don't even have a realistic tail! Lol I would say congrats are in order, though. You're gonna be rakin' in the dough. (I feel like I totally got that expression wrong)
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    Lol that sounds like something to celebrate about, not complain :P
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    AWESOME Ayla that is so cool. sucks about your schedule...but you know how it goes. once your in the lime light always in the lime light

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    There's usually a lot of business right after you get media. The trick is sustaining the momentum and making it last good luck

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    Congrats! Wish you luck in getting good gigs and retaining a schedule at the same time
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    Go big or go home! So proud of you! You're becoming popular very fast!!!

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    yaaayy, you!! your tail is gorgeous by the way

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    The Radisson Hotel that I swim at is looking to hire me as a mermaid in their pool! Thats right, they want to hire me to swim. And to think I applied to be a steward at the same place a week before. xD

    I've been doing my best to keep up with all the calls and emails. I have at least two gigs lined up, one on Friday and one on Saturday in the exact same venue. But I have a lot more people lined up waiting to hear from spouses about days to book me. Everything is so hectic, I'm just the most grateful about getting a job doing this instead of just grabbing gigs when I can.

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    Wow, Ayla, congrats! That is awesome... how's it feel to have the hotel want to hire you for doing what you're already doing?

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    This AWESOME!!!! And so very EXCITING!


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    Wow that's amazing!! Congratulations!!!!

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    SO COOL! Congratulations! Which Radisson location? Just curious

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    Congratulations!!! That is so wonderful!! <3

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    Wonderful news Ayla!
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    You did it!! stay on top of your emails and calls and you will be fine. cant wait to see more, sweetie! <3 i hope your super proud of yourself. you took the plunge!
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    Congratulations! I'm so glad something good came out of the "hickey incident." ;-)

    EDIT: Gah! Hockey! Hockey, not hickey! Why they have autocorrect on a computer, I'll never know...
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