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Thread: Steampunk Ariel from DragonCon 2011

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    Steampunk Ariel from DragonCon 2011

    For Dragon*Con 2011 I did a steampunk-inspired Ariel (I was with a group that did Steampunk Disney princess costumes) and I wanted to post a few pictures of how it turned out. There's another different group doing SP Disney again so I'm planning on bringing it back, though I might add an actual tail if we're just going to be hanging out in the same area for a while for photos.

    It was supposed to be mermaid Ariel, and the idea was to have the tank so she could "breathe" water. The scales are from Raven's shop -- before she started making tails!

    The first two photos are (c) Paul Cory Photography. The last one my friend took while we were at Dragon*Con night at the Georgia Aquarium. I think it's my favorite from all of my Ariel photos.

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    Really cool! I love the water tank touch to it
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    Steampunk Ariel from DragonCon 2011

    LOVE that water tank! I've been asked to be a mascot for the local steam-fest, so I need to steam up my mer stuff. I'm more into Lolita than steam punk, so I have no idea what I'm doing, lol.
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    That is wicked sweet!!!!!!!! Love everything about that costume from the tank, mask and scales!

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    ooo oo i saw these pics flosting around the webs the other day! You look so awesome!!! I'm a HUGE steampunk fan!!

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    Wow that looks really cool! I Especially love the idea that she breaths water, very creative
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Melusinah View Post
    ooo oo i saw these pics flosting around the webs the other day! You look so awesome!!! I'm a HUGE steampunk fan!!
    Really? Do you remember where? I've never seen my costume pics posted anywhere before (except the odd one in the 10K+ DragonCon Flikr pools).

    Thanks for all the comments! I'm bringing it back with me this year for another Disney Steampunk group. I have to seal the top of the tank where the bolts meet as it was splashing out as I walked and I'm debating on remaking my skirt since it's stained from the splashing. I might make a proper tail for some photos, too.

    Interesting fact: there's actually a straw running from the tank all the way into the mask

    As I was writing this my boyfriend informed me I'm on the top line of Google image search for "Steampunk Ariel". I squeed. Lots.

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    I am a huge steampunk fan, and Ariel is my childhood idol, this crossover really turned out amazingly beautiful! Great work!
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    LOL~~~Not bad,But I don't like the dresses,I like long dresses cosplay!!!

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    That is the most brilliant way to carry water bottles EVER. I drink like a fish, but think it's so out-of-character to always be carrying water/soda bottles around. The mask also solves derp face worries :P


    I also *love* all the little scales all over! You look like a "dangerous" Ariel

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