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    I'm pretty new to this whole thing. I've always been in love with the water and I've always been an exceptional swimmer. I even have a job where I'm no further than a stones throw from the ocean at all times. I'm a mechanic in the coast guard and although my job is very time consuming I wanted something fun to do to unwind (as being a female mechanic has a tendency to make one tense). A few years ago I stumbled upon something that I *had* to have... a realistic looking mermaid tail that not only looks wicked, but will increase my speed underwater ("NO WAY!!" was my first reaction). However, I had a hard time justifying the ownership of one. So, a few days ago I decided I could give two shakes about whether or not it makes sense and purchased a tail. I'm aware it will be a long process to make but when it is ready, I want to be as prepared as possible. I'm excited since Its something I've literally dreamed about that I never thought would be a reality but here I am... posting here awaiting the arrival of my first tail ever.

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    Welocome, and congrats on your new tail!

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    Welcome and congrats on ordering a tail! Who are you ordering from?

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    welcome to the forum!

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    Thanks for the welcome everyone! Well, to answer that question... I'm a "go big or go home" person so I went right ahead and jumped all in. Being in the military with a blossoming career and no dependants has blessed me with disposable income so I ordered the really fancy looking tail from Eric the mertailor. I've read elsewhere in the forums that he can be difficult but I'm not in any rush and he seems like a nice guy. I'm made of patience (you have to be when you work with a bunch of young rowdy military boys) so a couple extra months wait wont kill me if his workload happens to be super heavy. Besides, I'm being stationed in Florida later this year from Cali and the water is much more enjoyable out there anyway. Might as well use it for the first time in it's home state.
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    Welcome! Congrats on ordering your tail. Best of luck with the mertailor
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