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Thread: So you're dating a psychopath

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    So you're dating a psychopath

    This guy has some really interesting videos. I'm sharing them in case you're stuck in a toxic relationship with someone, even if it's not someone you're dating, it may be someone you know. Lots of psychopaths out there!

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    I'll have to show Mermaid Isis this, she loves psychology.
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    I didn't really think it was informative, sorry. Those examples could be twisted to fit anyone.

    I did like some of the YouTube comments though.
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    it's better to watch the whole series, personally, I felt it was very spot on for the experiences I've had. With a genuine psychopath, you don't have to twist to fit them into this mold, they fit it perfectly to the point of insane compatibility, lol and yes, the comments are entertaining

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    This sounds so much like my most recent ex it's scary.

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    Well, sometimes I like a point of view like yours... But then I go back to the dating site My personal experience is that people still want to have formal families and even children. You may have just had a negative experience. You should try to find a more suitable partner to experience all the delights of romantic encounters in this cold winter. For me, it has been a real escape.

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